Disney on Ice rant

Just a quick comment. Does it bother anyone else that in a “Disney” kiddy production, namely the currently playing Disney on Ice, the soundtrack to the dance where Mr. Incredible gets his suit is “I’m too sexy for my shirt”?!!!!


8 thoughts on “Disney on Ice rant

  1. Aiwaaaa, I found it inappropriate as well! As soon as it started playing, I thought “eih da! Apparently we’re going to have to be careful what Hana watches, even if they’re disney cartoons!”

  2. keep in mind that disney doesnt own disney on ice kenneth field owns the right to anything disney on ice! so dont get upset with disney

  3. People have said that disney on ice is inoppropriate But thats not all true well if you dont like it take your kid home serriously thats all you had to do instead of sitting your ass down at the computer and complaining you should be thankful you even got to go you ungrateful people …. Pshh Ingnorance is over populating !

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