I have been thinking a lot about what I am most grateful for this year, and I've realized that it is the luxury of dreaming - the luxury to dream big and to go after those crazy dreams. Furthermore, the luxury of having a support system that nurtures those wild ambitions, tolerates my madness in... Continue Reading →

Tough Times

I had to go pay respects and condolences to a university friend who spent the last month attempting to save her mother's life. When did we grow up? When did we become the adults responsible for making such harsh decisions? Our friend has had to navigate hell, two chronic illnesses, greedy doctors, incompetent nurses and... Continue Reading →

As another light goes out I am reminded of the extent to which Cairo is a modern day Gotham in all its gory glory. It is dark, hopeless, scary, sad and beaming with negativity and injustice. This year, it has only been getting darker. We keep losing those whom are the brightest and most full... Continue Reading →


Waiting is by far the oldest and most painful forms of torture. I hate hospital waiting rooms. I chickened out today. I was unable to sit through another disinfectant smelling corridor listening to machines beep and watching doctors and nurses fly all over the place. Yet here I am a 20-minute drive away waiting… She... Continue Reading →

24 Carats

The Arab culture often references the notion of 24 Carats to signify that blessings or rizk (fortune) is fairly divided among all God's mortals, whereby each person gets his or her 24 Carats. These 24 Carats may be any random mix of health, happiness, money, kids, travel, work, family, talent, brains, recognition, etc... The premise... Continue Reading →

Jan 25 Told In Song

I've FBed it, tweeted it and blasted it in my own car stereo and those of friends. Only thing remaining is blogging it, so here it is, lyrics and all 🙂 غنائية يوم ما الشعب إتغير غناء فاطمة سعيد موسيقى مصطفى الحلوانى كلمات مصطفي أبوجمرة كنا بنشوف الطريق مفيهوش طريق و السما فوقنا رصاصى والامل... Continue Reading →

Masterclass Photography

My friend, the beautiful and incredibly talented Amy El Shaarawy has entered the MaCallan Masterclass Photography Competition. Her five amazing shots could use your votes and support. Check them out here, start with that photo and click on the right arrow to view the other four.

Shattered Diamond

A shattered diamond is probably the saddest sight on the planet. Picture this: a princess cut diamond, clear as day and as precious as they come. Her God given strength and beauty only enhanced by the friction of life, polishing it into the personification of perfection, pure, transparent, shiny, sharp, hard and genuine. Everything that makes a... Continue Reading →

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