أخيراً زست

To the non-Arabic speakers, the post title is the catch phrase from a famed soap advertisement campaign that plagued our youth and is still one of the most memorable amongst our generation.

It has come to be the ultimate expression to indicate the arriving of a greatly anticipated event.

Naguib Mahfouz opening line of “The Thief and the Dogs” is running through my head 🙂

مرة أخرى يتنفس نسمة الحرية

I’m done! I mean really done!

I’ve just returned from the last final in a 2 year, 16 course MBA!

My comprehensive exam is in a month, but today, for all practical purposes I’m really really done! 🙂

3o2bal kol elsam3een!!!

On cheating

It’s an MBA class for God’s sake. You’d think the students would be mature!!!!

There I was sitting down trying to make some sense out of my Financial Derivatives midterm (see currently reading) and that idiot who seated himself next to me just wouldn’t shut up. You’d think we had an arrangement the way he confidently asked stuff throughout the exam. I turned a deaf ear and completely ignored him, he actually only got louder and more annoying. I actually got up and took a bathroom break just to be rid of him!!!

Upon coming back there he was attempting to peer into my paper. I mean for God’s sake study!!! Or if you’re gonna cheat do it in style, don’t drive other examiners (who aren’t particularly comfy in exam rooms) INSANE!!


MBA Rant

Curses (insert your favourite ones because this is a PG blog)

Curses! Curses! Curses!

I have boiling blood coursing through my veins. I have been scammed and there is nothing.. absolutely bloody nothing I can do about it.

I am currently an MBA students at XXX university in Egypt. Their sole competetive advantage was that their classes were over the weekend which was suitable for a working woman such as myself.

Those brainiacs (imbeciles) at the university decide not enough of us have chosen this focus to warrant a class so they decide to move us in with the weekdays crowd. They overlook informing us and just assume all will be alright by us.

I show up on Friday for…class which isn’t there. Get told the wonderful news. Fight and argue and make a fuss and explain how his proposed schedule is a physical impossibility. Nothing! Standard take it or leave it approach.

I take it up to the dean of students and suddenly they are apologetic and are making up scenarios through which I can still attend on weekends.

Final outcome: I’m taking the 4th semester prior to the third with students far more advanced than myself and subjects that rely on subjects I still have not taken. Moreover I have a class on Friday another on Saturday and one on Wednesday (completely ruining every single weekend for the next 3 months). I just can’t believe myself.

Later that day results of the last semester come out I got 2 As… 1 A minus and in the fourth subject they appear to have misplacedmy exam. WTF!!!!! I mean I wasn’t sure what to tell the guy. They have got to be kidding me.

So basically right now I have pending results for semester 2, am enrolled in semester 4 and with no guarantee that semester 3 when taken next winter will be compatible with my work schedule.


Studying Marketing

Since I have to suffer, I decided to share the knowledge/joy 😀

Among the concepts in product positioning is POP (Points Of Parity). It basically means that to position your product in the mind of your consumer, you relate it to products/concepts he is familiar with and show that you share that feature/concept/ percieved value.

In looking for a good examle I came across a great advertisement. Thought I’d share 🙂

Song of the day: I drove all night 🙂