Jan 25 Told In Song

I've FBed it, tweeted it and blasted it in my own car stereo and those of friends. Only thing remaining is blogging it, so here it is, lyrics and all 🙂 غنائية يوم ما الشعب إتغير غناء فاطمة سعيد موسيقى مصطفى الحلوانى كلمات مصطفي أبوجمرة كنا بنشوف الطريق مفيهوش طريق و السما فوقنا رصاصى والامل... Continue Reading →

Music for the summer

Trying to put together a compilation CD for the summer drives to and from the beach. Open to ideas and suggestions. Be contemporary, be creative, be musical.. throw songs my way. I know this qualifies as writer's block... but I leave you with an old piece from the archives.


Different people do different things to unwind, personally when I'm not working, studying or hanging out with friends I enjoy a little tv. Series such as Lost, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives; movies or just reality TV shows. The following based on such incident so if this is too airheaded for you click next. This... Continue Reading →


Ahem... can somebody please shed some light on this: Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Shakira is coming to Cairo baby!! According to posters on Cairo streets concert is on the 28th (a Wednesday) meanwhile nobody knows anything. I called people at MobiNil and Orascom. I wanna go!!!!!!! AND I want VIP invites... Continue Reading →

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