I have been thinking a lot about what I am most grateful for this year, and I've realized that it is the luxury of dreaming - the luxury to dream big and to go after those crazy dreams. Furthermore, the luxury of having a support system that nurtures those wild ambitions, tolerates my madness in... Continue Reading →

On Career Moves

I guess what most people fail to see when they shift careers 5 - 7 years into their work life is how difficult starting over truly is. You would be amazed at the amount of knowledge, skills and basic understanding that becomes irrelevant or which must be chucked at the door. Welcome to a new... Continue Reading →

On Citizenship

Meet Guitar Freak, the latest addition to my team. A young engineering AUC graduate. The AUCians amongst you might recognize him. He was a brilliant IGCSE student, a talented guitarist, an active campaigner, a hit fund-raiser, king of the activities and overall nice guy on AUC campus. His versatile profile inspired his professors to nominate... Continue Reading →

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