On Gal Bladders


Me: See you after Eid.

Boss: Actually we need to work on Tuesday, so you guys only get Sunday and Monday off.

Me: But Eid break is usually three days.

Boss: Hmm, still need you to work on Tuesday we have to move premises, so 9 am new premises.


I interrupt my glorious stay in Alex, drive all the way back to Cairo, make my way to the new premises in Maadi only to receive a 8:30 am call from my subordinate telling me that he’s at the door and there are no signs of life. I tell him to call the boss.

Five minutes later my phone goes off.

Boss: Maykel’s at Maadi.

Me: Yes, as per your instructions. I’m on my way too.

Boss: The workers are not done yet.

Me: (feeling the gal bladder explosion coming on) So what does that mean?

Boss: I wish you had called me yesterday to confirm. I learned on SATURDAY that they are still a long way off. So take Maykel now and work from your house this week, we are hoping to move on Sunday.

Me: (taking in a really deep breath) So now we are to work from home today?

Boss: Yeah.

Me: (Hangs up).


My poor poor gal bladder!!!!


8 thoughts on “On Gal Bladders

  1. This post was a totally comedy, initially because I interpreted “Gal” as in Country slang for “Girl”, I read the post the first time around looking for the “gals/girls” involved.

    Second time around, I had gathered what you meant, I was looking for a bathroom mentioned somewhere in the post, by the time I gathered you meant “elmaraara etfa2a3et” I couldn’t sympathize ba2a min kotr elde7k. I’m sorry about the boss anyway! 🙂

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