Spoilt rotten? Yes I am!

I’m not an angry person. Ok wait that wasn’t very accurate, I’m not a generally explicitly angry person. I’ve been told too many times already how like my dad I am. I’ve seen him angry. Hence I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to be stressed out all the time. I don’t want to constantly be on the brink of explosion. I realize I probably have deep rooted anger management issues. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to be the passive aggressive persona you know.

Yet today, this week, I am angry. I am defiant. I am in shut down mode. I do not wish to see other people. I don’t want to welcome them to the dark side. I want to be alone. Alone to my thoughts. Dark and brooding; that’s who I am! Take a step back. Accept that this is a wrong time. Meredith, I’m sorry for all the times I did not respect your shut down mode.

I am angry because the life I’m living now, the life most people are telling me is normal, is completely unacceptable, at least to me. I lived in a different world, a world where people were professional, where life was easy, where division of labor was respected, where there was such a thing as a job description, where everyone did their job and let you do yours, where “respect” and “punctuality” where not archaic notions of the past and when time mattered and human beings mattered.

I realize that doesn’t sound like Cairo, but honestly for 5 years it has been. Only now I’m in a situation where my job description has become “performs to her best ability the tasks assigned to her” which is wide enough and vague enough to allow for pretty much everything. I since hiring have been event organizer, HR recruitment specialist, driver, secretary, translator, personal relations officer, telemarketer, press liaison, travel logistics persona and finally the job they actually hired me for “business consultant”. Needless to say I don’t like it. I don’t like having to worry about my own work related travel arrangements. I don’t like playing wing man to heads of departments not my own. I won’t be your personal assistant! I damn well won’t sit in stupid time consuming meetings all day. I’m a technical person. Arrogant as this will sound I’m damn good at what you hired me for, so let me do it for God’s sake!

Is it I that have been spoilt rotten by years of working for decent organizations with fine bosses? Or am I will in my right to be angry at the status quo?


6 thoughts on “Spoilt rotten? Yes I am!

  1. set limits my friend , or may be soon you will add doing tea and coffee to the list :))) …bas mera7a mn 3’ier mat3awary 7ad :)))

  2. Jessyz: If you get a free minute, could you read “Ramblings” for testing of publish-ability.

    Gjoe: I think so; but have also been told (from multiple close parties) that I am over-reacting.

    Nawawy: Could you mail me your company website please, Noony wants to apply for that HR vacancy.

  3. Did you get a a new job or are you getting pissed off with your currrent one?
    Because, if you’re getting annoyed with a job that was once idyllic, I guess you need to start looking for what went wrong, and when. A change of bosses? A promotion that propelled you in the midst of nastly office politics? A contract renewal that brought this new – and enchanting – ‘job description’?
    If so, and if you identify the turning point, you can fix it.

    If it’s a new job, and if your current job has been that unnerving all along, then perhaps it’s no the one for you?

    In any event, keep all options in mind!
    Bonne chance..

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