Catch Her If You Can!

Not sure how to start this, given that the event of the past month at our firm have been so unbelievable they have rivaled Hollywood great theft story-lines. I personally, had I seen this plot-line at the movies this summer, would have given the screenwriter in question hell about having an excessively vivid imagination and no disregard for the mentality of the audience. Yet here we are…


Boss calls me in to tell me that one of our staff will no longer be with us and that this is a head office decision.

I, naive as I am, ask if the company is downsizing. Am assured that the company is not, but there is an incident of check fraud so she can no longer be with us.

So far believable no? I mean she’s only human, she could have been strapped for cash and lost moral judgement and decided to forge our CFO’s signature on a check.


CFO is flying in to sort things out.

Turns out that not only has she been forging checks and cashing them herself; she has been cashing checks made out to vendors (the bank is sooooooo getting sued over this), and inventing stories to vendors about why payment has been delayed. Going at times to the extent of issuing them official papers from the office (letterhead, signature and everything) apologizing for the delay.

A bit much? Highly undetectable and she could always have a buffer of total outstanding payables as she uses next month cash to pay off last month’s debts and so on.

Smart girl, dangerous, yet feasible so far!


Vendor informs us that there was a complimentary laptop on last sale, one the office never saw and which she sent directly to her house.

They confront her at the office during handover; lock her in; take away her passport (this is a diverse nationality office); make her sign a statement confessing to all her crimes; cut her loose with the promise of payback within 10 days.

Unusual, but still not the stuff of cinematic “yeah right!”, no?


Land-lord comes to collect the rent and we discover that the rent isย  a much lower figure than the amount she had been paying for the past 2 years. We show the guy the contract. He shows us a different contract.

Discovery: She had two sets of contracts for every single long term transaction the company was in, office rent, guesthouse rent, maintenance, car rental, gardener services and the list continues….

She was making a monthly income of the difference and was forging invoices and signing on behalf of both parties. She was the company to the vendors and the vendors to the company! She had made replica invoices at a professional print house with serial numbers and everything.

Egyptian movie status? Indian? Hollwyood? Can you bloody believe her!!?!??

I’m still in a state of shock!

I’ve heard conversations that you only hear at the movies, I’ve seen massive firings, I’ve seen lawyers and cops, top executives have been flying in for weeks. In short it’s been MAD!

Yet between you and me… DAMN ENTERTAINING ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Forgot to tell you, when we reported her to her embassy, they told us we were the third company in her line of victims. Our seasoned embezzler has had lots of practice! When we asked them why we were not informed, they simply replied “well you never asked!”!!!!!


16 thoughts on “Catch Her If You Can!

  1. How did that fly through all those months, someone wasn’t making the maths?

    Well, as shocking as the status quo of our daily newspaper incidents column is, I think this one’s a blockbuster!

    Must feel especially exciting to be around though .. :d

  2. Wael: Entertaining indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ibhog: Actually, the math adds up perfectly, that’s what is so brilliant about her scam/racket! Yet I agree, there was insufficient overseeing of her activities, she was delegated too much power/responsibilities and nobody was following up with her!

  3. Good God, auditors should have figured this out.
    I don’t get to see/know about such incidents in our org, although there are so many of them ๐Ÿ˜€ not as perfect though

  4. Nerro: I realize you’re probably a bit upset with me, I have not come across for you on requested book review! I don’t believe in making excuses, it’s inexcusable and I apologize profusely! Leeky fe zemmetty a couple of book reviews after the 6th of June! You have my word (which I realize isn’t worth squat at the present)!!

    As for our Di Caprio ๐Ÿ™‚ I honestly can’t believe how perfectly she’s been doing this!

  5. It is perfectly fine :D. will send you an email to let you know why is it “fine” ๐Ÿ˜€ However, awaiting your reviews after the 6th.

  6. “when we reported her to her embassy”…

    she’s not egyptian??

    how come she already scammed 2 companies before yours and she’s not in jail?

  7. I have a strange sense of admiration for people THAT smart!
    I mean, it’s not like she stole money from the safe or something, but actually devised a series of plans to skim money here and there.
    Respect. ๐Ÿ˜›

    (BTW, remember Jerome Kerviel, the Societe Generale trader who lost 4 billion euros a couple of years back?
    Well he’s back in business – and is currently working as an expert on fraudlent behaviour in an insurance company!)

  8. hehe! It is DAMN ENTERTAINING as you said! I mean, how often do you come across stories like this?
    It is amazing the measures that someone could go to, to get something they want!

  9. Mo: I’m all about RESPECT! I’m still scraping my bottom jaw off the pavement. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so impressed by Kerviel, this is the kinda person one must aspire to be ๐Ÿ™‚ An honest living is so over-rated.

    Gina: Yeah! Imagine that!

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