… would be the understatement of the year!

I interviewed a young man today, for a vacancy at our company. A young man who’s CV was so impressive that he could practically jump off the page and dazzle you.

First thing that caught my attention was that it said “finalist at the 2009 MIT business plan competition“; the very competition I had not been short listed for. So off the cuff, this young man had beaten me at something. I with the unhealthy competitive streak. I who am obsessed with winning. So naturally I call him up and have him come in for an interview.

He walks in, now this is a young man who’s vision is impaired. He had grown up almost blind. Books had to be read to him. Yet this young man managed to keep the fire within burning, maintain his commitment to excellence, and do so well at high school that he was the highest scoring individual in his year! Awwal elgomhorreya fel thannaweya el3amma!!

He gets a full scholarship to the AUC, where he breezes through the 4 years with the highest of honours. He dedicates substantial chunks of his time to giving back to society, to teaching those less fortunate. Having realized the first of his dreams, he sets out to make his mark in the field of business consultancy. Lands a job at a major local player and quickly climbs the ranks within the company.  A couple of years down the line decides to leave it for a customer and is currently the brand manager of what possibly is the biggest dairy brand in the world.

Now this young man is only TWENTY THREE. Yet he has got more brains, ambition and drive than anybody I have ever met. His future is crystal clear to him and it is so bright it burns my eyes (cliche I know). When I asked him what his plans were, he said, INSEAD MBA when I turn 26, on a scholarship. Then a PhD from an ivy league university. Finally become a partner at McKinsey, Booze or Baine.

His dream? To walk the earth revered and leave it remembered!!!!!

What do you say to that?!!!!

I am off the charts impressed and VERY humbled!!!


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