Reflections from the office – Kiki

Was sitting in Cilantro Zamalek talking about the future when I got asked if I knew Kiki. Naturally I know Kiki, she only sits on the desk right behind mine. We share a partition which is a lovely thing really.

So here goes nothing, the start of a series of reflections about the people in our office.

Kiki is young, turning 23,  but probably one of the oldest and most mature 23 year olds you’ll ever meet. Extremely old and wise for her years, something that has manifested magically into her looks. Lady Kiki.

I get the distinct impression that she tele-ported here, from another time, from the era of the King. She gives off the air of a revolutionary woman from that time. Driven, rebellious, calm, cool and collected, analytical, creative, deep and incredibly PROFOUND. Back in her previous life she was a journalist, a university professor or headed an NGO and brought welfare and enlightenment to the masses.

Looking at her I can completely see the woman she will grow up to be, the change she will bring upon the world.

Funny thing is, when you meet her, she’ll throw you off by how chilled out and non-melancholic she will come across as. Yet you will be mistaken. Behind the extreme diversity of interests, eclectic choice of music, varied reading list, shopping and BBMing activity lies a woman with “development” at heart, one way more intense than you can imagine.

There it is ladies and gents, my shout out to the Girl from the One Long Road.


4 thoughts on “Reflections from the office – Kiki

  1. Diaa: Enta you are no longer a FB person? Wanted to tag you in yesterday’s photos. Plan keda the outing with Dialo and lemme know ya Man. Was great seeing you.

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