Dreaded office phrases

These are sentences that are thrown around by bosses lightly but which experience has taught me are usually followed by a great deal of wasted time, effort and redundant work.

  • “Can you spare a minute?” (Answer at your own peril.)
  • “What is Z working on right now?” (Z being one of your subordinates)
  • “Run that by me before you send it out.” (also reads, that file is never going to get sent out, it will get stuck in an editing and re-editing cycle of doom.)
  • “Remember when we were working on that project a couple of years back….” (prepare to go digging for files).
  • In Ramadan “Start thinking what you want to order for Iftar today.”

Finally the deal breaker: “What did you have planned for this weekend?”


4 thoughts on “Dreaded office phrases

  1. Well, I can think of a similar list but with different vocabulary. But this is used by colleagues as well as supervisors.

    1- ” Could you check on my patient please, I have my hands into something “. usually means, go get stuck with a surgical procedure for the next couple of hours.
    2- ” Are you coming tomorrow ? ” expect a moseeba..

    and the list is a long one

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