Going to blog readers for assistance!

Working on something and can really use the input. I need rough estimates of the following:

1) Hospital occupancy rates.
2) % of doctors who are surgeons.
3) Ratio of nurses to doctors on average in a hospital.
4) Price of doctor coats.
5) Price of scrubs.
6) Price of nurse uniforms (if you happen to know).
7) Price of patient gowns (if you happen to know).
8) Contacts of procurement heads in hospitals would be immensely appreciated.

Also if you could tell me what the famous brands are for lab coats, scrubs and gowns I’d highly highly appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Going to blog readers for assistance!

  1. Well I’ll tell you what I know, being a Nasr city resident. All I know about is the area around me.

    Lab coat prices : 30-80 ( the best brand on this side of town is Kareem el-sayyed or mohamed el-sayyed, 3m )

    Scrubs: 50-120 ( best brands: unitex, kareem& mohammed el-sayyed & 3m )

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