Viral Tourism

Earlier yesterday I heard that Wael Ghonim was taking some of my suggestions here to heart and was working on a viral tourism campaign for Egypt.

Meanwhile, not sure who is behind this video, but it is pretty cute, my only objection would be that I hate their choice of background music, highly irrelevant.


Coca Cola Zero

Now, I stand to gain/lose absolutely nothing by this, no vested interest in the Pepsi or Coca Cola companies what-so-ever. However, I have a genuine curiosity and a love for the game they call Marketing.

So, kindly indulge me, humor me the airheadedness of my questions:

1) Did you watch/listen to the new Coca Cola Zero campaigns?

2) Are you male or female?

3) What was your impression?

4) For guys, did you feel the ad spoke to you, targeted you as a consumer?

5) Did any of the women find it offensive or irritating or both?

6) How many guys out there actually stay up late to watch an Arabic soap?

Was just talking to some friends about how badgered I am by the campaign, I feel offended and completely alienated!

For the Coca Cola company; curious, did your market research people tell you your target customers were young men aged 14-30? Cause the ad sure reflects that!

Just a thought!

7 Up Trick

Can you figure out how this works???

1) Go to the link below. After reading each window, click on Fido in the lower right corner of the picture.

2) In the last window type in your answer in the white box using the keyboard (there is NO cursor).

3) Watch the paper in Fido’s hand. You will be amazed.. I’m actually scraping my jaw off the pavement.

Will let you know once I figure out how it’s done!

Do you know who this is? (The reveal)

Dear blog readers, you’ve all been part of a brand awareness test of a product near and dear to my own heart.

I’m crushed at the results but here is my chance to make things better.

ZLOT (character above) is the brain chid of a good friend of mine. He is the lead star on a line of Egyptian produced greeting cards that are distributed in gift stores around the country.

Allow me to tell you some more about Zlot + I urge you all to check out our website

Zlot is a little person who is extremely unique. For a starter, his eyes are always locked in an amazed and bewildered gaze, only matched by his hanging eyebrows. Whatever the situation is, it always amazes this little fellow and gives him something new to learn. They say that amazement is the key to the heart; to open up and learn, and it seems that this key is working just fine with Zlot’s heart!

His ears are gigantic! It’s also worth noticing that he doesn’t have a mouth. This makes him the perfect friend: with more listening than talking.. more understanding than judging. However, this doesn’t mean that Zlot doesn’t have a big nose and that he would never meddle. Sometimes, he would.. but, most of the time, he’s just peacefully minding his own business.

Zlot has two huge feet, that keep him steady on the ground. But, if you were to raise his jelbab* – which, by the way, was given to him by a traditional Egyptian tailor – you’d see that his feet also keep him off the ground, when he’s walking. He, somehow, floats!

SOS and TV

Like quite a few of my fellow bloggers, I ended up at the SOS concert this Friday. Only due to inconvenient MBA schedule I was there for a grand total of 1 hour. During this hour of basking in the sun I got to hear a band I’d never heard before “IdleMind”. I must say I liked them a lot. Poor guys had enough technical difficulties to put the organizers to shame but took it all with a smile. They sang originals that were their lyrics and music and I loved the performance and the lead’s voice.

You can check out their music at

Meanwhile, at our household we are big on watching “El3ashera Masa2an”, it saves you the trouble of reading the next day’s papers and is not a pro-gov show. Which is good enough for us. Anyways not here to discuss Mona’s choice of guests, rather the advertisement spots. During a commercial break an ad came on that left me thrilled, my father for the life of him couldn’t see why. Well you have to be a play station gamer to appreciate this. I leave you all with Coca Cola’s ingenious Grand Theft Auto inspired Ad. Just BRILLIANT.

Fadfadation’s Tag

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What leader did you expect I would be?

If you are reading… you are tagged!

Meanwhile, bloggerz, I’m sick as a dog and any medical advise welcome. Provided the word “needle” is not mentioned.

Also, I’m in love with this advertisement. Can somebody PLEASE e-mail me the song!!

Studying Marketing

Since I have to suffer, I decided to share the knowledge/joy 😀

Among the concepts in product positioning is POP (Points Of Parity). It basically means that to position your product in the mind of your consumer, you relate it to products/concepts he is familiar with and show that you share that feature/concept/ percieved value.

In looking for a good examle I came across a great advertisement. Thought I’d share 🙂

Song of the day: I drove all night 🙂