Ouff, this reminds me of your work

A couple of friends of mine are into making small home movies and editing them with effects and soundtrack and credits and all. They’re quite good and are usually very sarcastic with a brilliant hidden message. Came across this in a forward and it reminded me of them. I miss those days.


4 thoughts on “Ouff, this reminds me of your work

  1. Okay, That was phenomenal, I loved the video .. begad thanks for sharing.. however, I do think it is kinda professional , more like a cinema institute project rather than an amateur video .. however, it certainly got a message to relay .. certainly

    Regardless from the fact that the guy is a cuteee.. I loved how real the scenes was.. real and true.. I give this video 9/10 .. Just cos I did not like the decor much 😀

  2. That is by far my favorite advertisement ever! I can just watch it over and over and over! I even think I blogged it once.. If your friends wouldn’t mind you sharing they’re work Juka, please… 🙂
    If this was made by one of your friends ba2a.. 😀

  3. Brilliant!…I love the movie and your page…do you know how I found your page?….I was looking for “The Pursuit of Happiness” images in google for my page to include it with some comments…I clicked on one of the images and your page came out…I browsed around and loved what I found so far…I’ll have to come back for sure…I truly enjoyed!…thanks!

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