Coca Cola Zero

Now, I stand to gain/lose absolutely nothing by this, no vested interest in the Pepsi or Coca Cola companies what-so-ever. However, I have a genuine curiosity and a love for the game they call Marketing.

So, kindly indulge me, humor me the airheadedness of my questions:

1) Did you watch/listen to the new Coca Cola Zero campaigns?

2) Are you male or female?

3) What was your impression?

4) For guys, did you feel the ad spoke to you, targeted you as a consumer?

5) Did any of the women find it offensive or irritating or both?

6) How many guys out there actually stay up late to watch an Arabic soap?

Was just talking to some friends about how badgered I am by the campaign, I feel offended and completely alienated!

For the Coca Cola company; curious, did your market research people tell you your target customers were young men aged 14-30? Cause the ad sure reflects that!

Just a thought!


19 thoughts on “Coca Cola Zero

  1. 1) YES.

    2) Female

    3) Repulsive, though I did think the soap/exam part could make me smile if it were an ad. on its own.

    4) –

    5) Definitely both!

    6) None I know of!

  2. On a different note, the previous Coke Zero campaign (the launch of coke zero, “zay mahomma 3amalo nafs ta3m elcola min 3’eir sokar…”) was really good and did not offend anyone, and its funny you should mention the coke zero campaign without refering to the birell campaign (sha7’seyet elbent a7’er 7aga te3alla2 3aleiha… “estargel weshrab birell”). What on earth are they trying to promote, do they have an idea what society they’re in and any clue on the rates of sexual harassment in this country?!

  3. 1) Listened


    3)I felt as if it’s an imported idea, estar7’aso fa gabo e3lan w targemooh.

    4)The ad. definitely didn’t target all men as a consumer group. Yet, whatever the idea it’s promoting sucked.


    6)Over my dead body.

  4. D: Rabbena yekrem aslek!

    D again: Because despite how ridiculous and offensive the Birell ad is, I don’t think of myself as their target customer, so I don’t get to judge. Will leave that to the Birell drinkers. Yet I’m a Coca Cola devotee, hence really angry at them!

    Jessyz: Behold a sample

    Belya: THANK YOU! My point precisely!

  5. 1)Just did




    5)Neither actually I just thought it was a lame ad, I am a loyal and faithful Pepsi drinker though.

    6) Don’t watch TV in general

  6. Well, I have watched this ad, and I kinda find parts of it funny but it won’t make me buy the product. And guys don’t stay up late to watch soap, I heard some females do ๐Ÿ™‚ I found the one about winning a trip to Sharm and staying in the hotel hosting a beauty contest a bit cheesy.
    Well, the good thing is past the funniness/ silliness of the ads what an average person should understand is that as far as it is impossible to have any of the things they mentioned, there must be a catch in the no sugar promise ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. 1) yup the one in the link

    2) male

    3) the tkon khateb we msa7eb scene is plain meaningless, the other 2 are kinda cool though.

    4) i felt it was trying, not impressed though… maybe if the ad showed cyborgs from the future drinking coke it would’ve.

    5) N/A

    6) 0 ?

  8. hi…
    facts about the Coke Zero Campaign:
    1- yes, the target is males around that age. Coke Zero is a product targeting males because Coke Light is targeting women, the marketing researchers realized that men are simply embarrassed of ordering “ay 7aga esmaha Light aw Diet” (ya nannoos 3en ommak 7’ayef 3ala rashaktak ya cootchy?)
    if you noticed, Pepsi launched Pepsi Max (black, masculine) for the same reasons (campaign included the guy with the to do list: be the MD, get the girl, drive a sports car, etc..)
    2- the campaign is a copy of the same global Coke campaign, so the reasearch done was actually global, not local (so the guys dont have to necessarily be watching an arabic soap, it cud be Hannah Montana, yes guys love Miley)
    3- yes, its kinda offensive, but as girls way over our teens, we should know by now; guys really are that basic ๐Ÿ™‚
    hope I helped.

  9. lol, Im not saying I like it… Im saying we shouldn’t like it, treat it like the Birell campaign: ur not their target audience.

  10. Amy: International version no better than the local! Ah well, guess you are right, will just contend myself with the fact that I am not their target audience.

  11. Jumping late in the conversation — Amy’s got very good points. I watched the one you linked to, and —
    I find it rather funny, but is missing a key advertisement ingredient: connection to the product. What does dating two women or finding an oil well have to do with coke zero? They could be advertising for anything! That’s the kind of ad that people will recall in 6 months – and forget which product it was advertising..

    And I’m quite sure there are more men who watch soaps than care to admit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mo: ๐Ÿ™‚ @ guys watching soaps ๐Ÿ™‚ They were making analogies on how unlikely/impossible feats can exist since Coca Cola can have zero sugar and the same “great” taste! Or at least, that’s what they set out to do and did a lousy job of.

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