On Measuring Up

Random question:

If someone acts in a certain way which contradicts with your ethical and moral framework, would you hold it against them?

Or would you factor in that not everyone’s views on these issues are the same and that perhaps what is taboo to you is less taboo by many others?

Hence, would the fact that you wouldn’t do it make them having done it necessarily wrong?



Human Progress

For the majority of my tween years I abused a John Nash quote like a mantra. “To find a truly original idea, it is the only way I will ever distinguish myself, the only way I will ever really matter.”

Yet, what if John Nash had it wrong? What if the ideas are only as good as the minds that accept them and implement them?

What if it is about the people after all? Does it make ideological, philosophical and scientific progress any less significant?

The imperatives of the human progress. *Sigh*

Need Your Opinion

For those of you who have been frequenting this peace of cyber space for quite some time now, or those of you whom have read my book:

How would you feel about a book that is a collection of small stories, blog post style, some from here on the blog & some others from an actual notebook? Would such a book be worth buying in your opinion? Favourite short stories from the blog?

Thanks a million.

If we gave up instant messaging,

digital social networking,  facebook and facebook equivalents…. would we still be friends?

This was an argument I had with a blogger friend a couple of weeks back.

Leading the insane schedules that we lead, spending more hours on our PCs than any other activity we do awake, the hecticness of the tempo of the century, one finds it easier to just lead a virtual social life. Reliant on that easy access and superficial connectivity to allegedly keep in touch with one another. To congratulate, condole or wish a happy birthday. To say hello, ask for a favour, get updates, give advise etc..

So once again, if I give up my msn and my facebook, would we still be friends? Would you still care? Would I see you as often? Speak to you as frequently?

Reason I’m asking is that I’m bored of it all, I miss the real deal. I like the humanity of people.. eye contact, body language.. the whole nine yards. I like their cynicism and random bursts of gossip.. I like how friends wink at me across a table full of friends. Was out with real live red blooded friends today and realised I’d rather have that over the internet any day.

My internet addiction has reached a point where I stop mid-sentence to ask people to insert a particular wink here!!

Let alone if your virtual relationships are with individuals you’ve never met in the real world 🙂 oh the margin for atrocities is ridiculously wide. You see, online isn’t real; people are never 100% them.. nor 100% genuine because the temptation is always too high.. the temptation to create an alter ego.. a fake bigger better persona.. and be that instead..

Just a thought.


Was watching the movie re-run on the tele the other day and noticed the bits at the beginning and at the end where there are tags floating above people’s heads.

Started wondering what the tag line floating above my head would be. If your life was reduced to two/three words; what would they be?

Home Sweet Home

My Harvard grad posed an interesting question on his blog this week.

When things go dark and you ‘want to go home’, if only in your thoughts.. where is that home exactly?

Write in, would love to hear your answers.

Personally; in the 16 years I spent in the UAE, Alexandria was home, when I got upset at the world I just wanted back to Alex and the comfort of my grandparents house. Now that I’ve been in Cairo for almost 9 years, I’ve to admit, when the going gets tough, I wish I was back in that sea-side room in Abu Dhabi (building’s probably been ripped down and replaced with something taller, better and more luxurious); and for a second it feels like home.

Need your help

Hey blog readers (if any of you exist),

A friend and I are undertaking a project and need your input. What in your opinion is the top 5 most meorable love confession/declaration scenes in Hollywood history??

Thanks a mill in advance.

Update: This is probably my fault, I wasn’t clear enough, I was hoping for a specific scene, i.e. a still frame, a one-liner… or something of the sort.

If you could be…

My friends and I play this game quite often, decided to bring you guys into it. Kinda like spin the bottle, but a more intellectual version. We spin and whoever it points to asks a question and we take turns answering these questions. Questions often span from “Do you believe in evolution?” to “Coke or Pepsi?”.

Anyways your question for the day is:

“If you could be anybody in any era; who would you be? what would you be doing? why did you pick that person?”

Looking forward to hearing your answers, will share some of ours in the comments 🙂

OK, here goes:

Dega wanted to be a gladiator, fighting for his life, glory and the love of the queen 🙂

Kyra wanted to be British royalty.

Shico wanted to be a high priestess in ancient Egypt.

I just might say I’m surprised at our answers, I really expected something along the lines of “I wanna be a rockstar”.

My answer for today: Queen Rania of Jordan – cause well, I gotta admit from where I’m standing it does look like she’s got it all + I have this obsession with making an impact on the world, and I believe she really is.