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Went to see this one against my better judgement. Actually glad I went though. Don’t get me wrong the movie isn’t brilliant. The idea is not new. Moreover, for some reason all movies this year are posing the lewd notion that life is a Cabaret (or a Casino, waiting for the movie where life is a brothel!!!).

I’m not good with names, so I’m not sure if this is the author’s first work or the directorial day-view, but in all cases extremely impressed. The casting was brilliant! It’s an odd thing to notice in a flick but I was pleasantly surprised with most if not all actors in their respective roles. I really liked Jumana in her role (have not seen her in anything prior to this). Actors I didn’t know could act were made to stretch what little talent they had to it’s limit.

Hats off to the director for managing to bring that much out of them and keep us entertained. Fathy Abdelwahab was amazing, yet a curse often associated with the naturally gifted is that you come to expect it of them, hence he was as great as always. The directing was really good as well, good angles, lighting, and amazing performance in the scene where the whole world freezes except the center. It was the first time I’d seen it done well in Egyptian cinema.

Finally, I found the idea of a one-day movie fun, albeit not new. The ending was very befitting. Yet for all practical purposes movie didn’t have enough events for my taste. Also as far as soundtracks go, this one was very in-line with the setting to my dismay, so I got a great deal of ear piercing noise posing as folk singing by anyone with access to a mic. At the end I’d say go see it.

Al Rayes Omar 7arb

I’d give you a movie review, only this wasn’t a movie, more like soft porn! I found it terrible really. Extremely weak plot, forced scenes, over-symbolised message, stolen story line and extremely shabby decor.

I’ve heard it referred to as a failed attempt at Devil’s Advocate and Awlad 7arretna. I will agree with failed attempt… 🙂

Casting was boring, acting was cliche, effects were terrible and the message and dialogue I found more annoying than controversial. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that my world is a “casino” owned/managed by God/the devil (movie’s position not my own).

On a lighter note, those of you shopping for evening gowns for the wedding season should go see it, Somaya El Khashab goes out of her way to model her entire collection of gowns throughout the movie (whether or not an evening dress makes sense in a scene).



I really don’t get it. Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps I’m resistant to change. Perhaps I’m not into pretty people. I just honestly don’t get the craze. It’s a damn soap opera. The public has already survived years of The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Dallas and what not. Then years and years of dubbed drama from the wild Mexican west starring the likes of Salma Hayek in stories paralleling those of most third world countries and where all girls are Marias and all dialogues start with “3azeezy alekhandro”.

You’d think by now people would have gotten bored, or hooked on to the likes of Prison Break, Lost or Grey’s Anatomy. Instead all I hear about anywhere (friends, facebook, the number one national newspaper in the country) is Nour this, Nour that. There have been cases of divorce apparently caused by the series. People are going home early to catch the episodes. My own best friend is blowing me off to see re-runs.

Yet I honestly truly still can’t see it!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update

  1. “Actors I didn’t know could act were made to stretch what little talent they had to its limit.”
    “I will agree with failed attempt…”

    Lol.. and Ouch. You’re one tough critic….

    (oh, yeah — and Nour is plain idiotic).

  2. Cabaret, Sounds like a really nice movie, but still not interested in Arabian movies…

    Al Rayes Omar 7arb, “Soft Porn”…ROFL… but seriously, it was so obvious from the ad. that it was going to turn out to be something that will make you cry that you’ve paid for, It has got Somaya El Khashab, That’s enough for me not to enter…

    Nour, Well you must confess, this year was crazy, France and Italy get owned in the Euro, Some crazy winnings in Wimbledon, and the appearance of the Nour Parasite, It is the end of mankind… RUN…

    I guess I’ll shut up now (I didn’t write a comment for sometime so i thought i will talk too much in this one, sorry if that was annoying) :S

  3. Mo: Going to see another one tomorrow, hoping it will be better than these two!

    Unknown: Man what are you talking about! I was thrilled that Spain won Euro 2008, Nadal won Wimbledon, I finished the MBA! Dude it’s been a great year! Wake up and smell the Cilantro Irish cream Latte 😉

  4. I’m not saying i was annoyed with those two facts, but It was totally unexpected, just like how much people watch Nour, It was totally unexpected too (I hope Nour viewers won’t think I’m offending them in any way)…

  5. I haven’t had time to go to the movies lately, so this post is much appreciated! Now I know what to check out/ steer clear of if i manage to go. 😀
    As for Noor, there are so much enjoyable ways (for me at least:P) by which I can make fun of my friends who love this show. It’s a DUBBED.TURKISH.SOAP-OPERA for cryin’ out loud.
    Therefore a clear indication that anyone enamored with it should really get out more. Then again one of those friends used to be a die-hard fan of the Korean Soap Opera on TV’s channel 2, so I’m generally worried about the road she’s on. 0_o

  6. Actually what was stunning for me was that Kabaret was done by the same guys who gave us the “Lemby’ sequal !!! So definetly a great leap into real art:)))

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