My Keys


My mother, the most awesome being alive, is unwell these days. Prayers are highly welcome. Hence in tribute to her divine existence and in an attempt to sooth my frayed nerves and avert a panic-attack, I am sharing a post from 2006 in remembrance. I echo these prayers today. “May you all never have to carry keys to your homes.”

“This harmless bunch of shiny objects doesn’t include a key to our house. Yet that is so symbolic of my life as a whole. My conditional independence. My parents over-protectiveness. My general lack of responsibilities. A total care-freedom. Most of all, its a reminder, that anytime I get home, no matter what my arrival time is, there is always going to be someone there. That all my family are well, that my mother or grandma are going to lovingly open the door, ask how my day has been, feed me and tell me about theirs. May I never have to carry a key to our door.”

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Do you believe objects have memories? That day to day mundane objects that you carry or that lie around the house in fact remember where they’ve been. Could it be possible that the secrets of history and the way we used to be are locked up embedded in wood and stone, completely unaccessible.

It sits there on my desk, even as I type this, it seems it is forever around, if somebody was ever to write my biography it would be such a good source, if only it could speak. Most of you have already seen it, the massive bunch of things that constitutes my “keys”. Yet calling them keys is really a lie, for its just one key and a bunch of chains.

It’s funny, I never purchase key chains when I’m abroad. I am a firm believer that travel is a gift in itself, the sights and sounds…

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I am in no way expecting this to go viral or to turn into some sort of campaign. I am writing this down because the thought behind it has been haunting me all morning and I feel absolutely obligated to document it and act upon it.

Dear Former Boss/ Mentor/ Professor,

I know we do not speak or meet regularly, yet no day goes by that you do not cross my mind. Not in an intentional and deliberate way, but rather in a casual familiarity brought forth by the daily nuances that make me who I am. For that, quintessentially, is who I am. I am made up of  millions of little fragments of wisdom, advise, habits, ethics, routines, ideologies, opinions and perceptions to life adopted and adapted from you.

It is so easy to forget that, in the hectic self-absorbing daily life. Yet today I wanted to pause and reflect, to reach out to you and let you know. I am thankful for your time, effort and attention. I am thankful for every time you gave a damn. I am grateful for all the positive reinforcement and the harsh critique. I am incredibly and overwhelmingly thankful. You have had a profound and fundamental effect on who I am, how I think, how I approach life and how I evaluate things.

Yet it extends beyond the philosophical and the ideological to the most mundane and routine tasks. I actually remember different people with gratitude every time I do basic algebra in my head, reference I.G.C.S.E o-levels, tutor economics, use excel or powerpoint features, draft a work e-mail, decide on what to wear to a client meeting or count to 10 before having a fit.

I quote you…. constantly… over the most random and trivial of things. I speak of you fondly and often. I hope that by some stroke of luck you end up reading this note on this little corner of the Egyptian blogosphere. Yet if that does not pan out; I vow to make more of an effort in 2014 to drop you a line every now and then to make sure you are well and to let you know that you are on the minds of your students and former employees & colleagues everywhere.


2011 Wishes


Pre-revolution I had reached the conclusions that the things we need most in Egypt are tolerance, awareness, self growth and serenity. This still holds true now as 2013 has come to a close.
Yet for 2014 I just wish you all peace of mind. It is the one thing I have missed the most in 2013 and which I’ve seen people struggle with the most. Peace of mind with all it entails. The courage to do the right thing. The maturity to know what the right thing is. The faith not to struggle with the decision once it has been made. Peace of mind.

Originally posted on Ramblings of the Disoriented Mind:

  • Tolerance.
  • Awareness.
  • Growth.
  • Serenity.
  • Health.
  • Change.
  • Challenge.
  • Learning.
  • Courage to start over.
  • Travel.
  • Acceptance.
  • Freedom of want/need.
  • Cool bosses, productive subordinates and fun coworkers.
  • Time to smell the roses.

For a wordier list of wishes, see here.

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Counting Stars 2013

In an attempt to revive this abandoned fluff of cyberspace, bringing back an old tradition of mashing up the year’s review with a hit that stuck with me throughout it.

Lately I been, I been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I been, I been prayin’ hard
Said no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars
Yeah, we’ll be counting stars

I can’t really tell if 2013 was generally positive or negative. It has most certainly been educational. I feel I have ended it as a deeper and darker shade of myself. Who was it that said that as you grow older you do not change, you merely become more of who you’ve always been? Yet I leave this year a darker version of myself, less optimistic, less willing to compromise, less forgiving…

I see this life
Like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find

I saw some great losses in 2013. I have lost to death some individuals who had a profoundly positive impact on life as we know it. They vary in proximity, yet share their greatness. I trust that they are in far better places than we, yet I am still pained by their loss.

2013 was also the year of discovery, new pursuits, new cities, new facets of people I had known for years. Challenge and travel tend to bring people together. I am thrilled at all my discoveries and shall carry these cities in my heart fondly and will honour these new friendships.

Old, but I’m not that old
Young, but I’m not that bold
And I don’t think the world is sold
I’m just doing what we’re told

I spent 2013 being the anti-social workaholic. It has negatively impacted my health and has cost me nerves, friendships and the missing of some very important occasions. I vow to regain work-life balance in 2014.

I feel something so right
By doing the wrong thing
And I feel something so wrong
By doing the right thing
I could lie, could lie, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

I learned a lot in 2013. I learned that you can be MVP all season and still get benched. I learned that there is no rest on that bench. Ultimately there is no rest full-stop. I’m having to operate outside my comfort zone 24/7. Wonder how long till the zone adjusts or the revolution happens.

I feel the love
And I feel it burn
Down this river every turn
Hope is our four letter word
Make that money
Watch it burn

I still carry the dream with me. Its flame burns fiercer than ever. Perhaps 2014 is the year. I remain cautiously optimistic about the outcomes.

Take that money
Watch it burn
Sing in the river
The lessons I learned

This wasn’t very engaging to the reader, I realize that now as I wrap it up, yet it is more for personal archiving, for remembrance.

Picture Perfect


Hmm, so I went through with it. Best decision I ever made. Would love you input on my attempts. You can check out the makeshift portfolio here:

Originally posted on Ramblings of the Disoriented Mind:

These days I’m finding myself increasingly attracted to the idea of a semi-professional camera. I don’t believe I have an innate talent for photography. Whatever decent shots I’ve taken, I’ve taken by pure dumb luck and due to the fact that mother nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful at times, that it is impossible to take a bad shot.

When you think of someone, especially someone you know well, the mental image that you get of them, that’s who they are in your eyes. It is the time you feel they are most genuine or most themselves, or perhaps the best possible version of themselves. They are probably moments you’ve captured and retained from real life. From a smile over a cup of coffee who’s odor made someone beam with happiness. Or the image of them smiling a certain way, using a particular hand gesture, saying a particular phrase.

For instance to this…

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Made To Order

At the end of 2006, Time magazine declared the reader, the individual, the average Joe; the Man of the Year. It was a testament to the overwhelming growth in user-generated content that took the world by storm during that year. Social media platforms were empowering individuals, like me and you around the globe to become overnight sensations; citizen journalists, artists, writers and educators. Individuals worldwide were creating content and news and contributing through the available platforms (blogging websites, YouTube, twitter, Facebook, Flickr) at the same frequency as they we were consuming it. We were becoming increasingly aware of our individuality, our opinions and our need to be heard.

This egocentric attitude and massive need for customization and uniqueness forced companies worldwide to abandon their standard off the shelf products. Corporates around the world no longer had the luxury once afforded to Ford to claim that their customers “could have the car in any colour as long as it is black”. This was a new day and age and the customer was king. Moreover, this customer (existing and prospective) sought to be actively involved in product and service design, positioning and delivery.

This led to the rise of mass customization; corporates had to find a way to break down their final product into modular components that could be assembled in different ways to avail each customer the opportunity to customize and build their own unique product. This enabled corporates to massively expand their product offering as they would now make to order. Henceforth, by allowing the customer to select specifications and alternatives from a list of options, the corporate could now claim to offer countless product possibilities.

I still recall spending hours on the Dell website dreaming up and virtually assembling and building super laptops. Yet this concept, which most associate with high technology products and manufacturing, has migrated into the retail food business here in Cairo. Food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are realizing the need to interface more aggressively and dynamically with their customer. Hence we, as end users, are increasingly allowed, furthermore invited, to build our own salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and even drinks all over Cairo at outlets such as TBS, Saladero, Marly’s Kitchen and countless others.

This is of great importance due to the weight of the food sector in Egypt. For according to the Central Authority for Public Mobility & Statistics the average Egyptian family spends 39.9% of their annual expenditure on food and drinks. That is almost twice the amount spent on housing and almost six folds the amount spent on healthcare. The majority of this food and beverage expenditure is eaten up by proteins, grains and vegetables. This has reflected on the retail side, where according to the general authority for investment, 47% of all retail generated sales come from food and drink outlets. Furthermore, from a manufacturing point of view, agribusiness and food and beverage manufacturing constitutes 27.5% of all manufacturing production in Egypt. Hence it was probably inevitable that all budding and successful business models would be attractive expansion strategies for those operating in the agribusiness and food and beverage segments.

Meanwhile, this global phenomenon of massive customization has been working in tandem with yet another customer-centric phenomenon; manufacturers are investing heavily in forward integration endeavors. Corporates in Cairo are seeing the benefit of operation in proximity to the end consumer, where feedback is instantaneous and real consumption statistics can be measured and analyzed. Agribusiness manufacturers are opting to integrate forward by establishing dedicated retail outlets, such as the case with regard to Wadi Food or Koki; or through setting up restaurant chains.

Shady Mokhtar of Swiss Choice is one such example. The young entrepreneur started out with an idea to bridge a gap in the Egyptian market for delicacies. He observed as the existing agribusiness manufactures of meat, chicken and fish catered their limited list of identified products to the retail and HORECA (HOtels, REstaurants and CAtering) segments. He too had come to the realization of the importance of customization. Armed with that belief, Swiss Choice embarked upon the journey of becoming the first manufacturer in Egypt that allows its customer base an extensive amount of tailoring with regard to the products. Swiss Choice indulged their customer base by inviting each customer to request that Swiss Choice manufacture his/her own unique and proprietary recipe for different sausages, salamis and pepperonis. This granted Mokhtar the instantaneous advantage of having an almost infinite product list. Mokhtar’s customers appreciated the variety and customization, moreover, several sought to stream-line their Egypt offering with their global recipes in order to ensure a unified customer experience everywhere around the world. This gave birth to Swiss Choice second selling proposition, the exclusivity in particular products granted to customers whom are very keen on maintaining the uniqueness and confidentiality of their recipes and product preferences.

Mokhtar’s business model made him an attractive partner to some other creative young individuals. He was approached with the idea of mass customization restaurant chains to capitalize on the Swiss Choice success in customized products. This newly formed partnership ventured into the restaurant industry by creating three unique local brands: Top Dawgs for American style hot dogs, Ali Baba Doner Kebab for Turkish shawerma and finally Mr. Wok for Chinese take-out (mainly Noodles). All three ventures were built on the concept of mass customization where the dish or sandwich is built using an assembly line set-up. For instance, at Top Dawgs you are free to select the bread, sausage, toppings and condiments. Mr.Wok allows you to design your own Noodles dish with a selection of Noodles, protein, vegetables and sauce.

When asked to evaluate the experience Mokhtar seemed rather pleased with the preliminary results. “Our drive”, he said, “came from the belief that there is great unmet potential in the food and beverage industry in Egypt. Hence, my partners and I decided to opt for 3 restaurant types that have not been previously tested in Egypt”. His view rings very true, since whilst mass customization is invading the restaurant business in Egypt, his three selections could greatly be considered Blue Ocean (a dive into an unsaturated market where he would have a first mover advantage) or at the least uniquely positioned.

Another key advantage or attribute of the experience that Mokhtar values greatly is the learning he and his partners have gained. Mokhtar and his partners had decided against purchasing franchising rights of famous global brands, opting instead to build their own brand. This was both challenging and cost effective, as this saved them the initial large investment and financial outlay associated with the franchising contract, moreover it gave them free reign with regard to creative aspects of the restaurants. When building your own brand you have the luxury of being able to design your own logo, setting, atmosphere and menu; more significantly it allows you to customize your offering to suit the dynamic tastes of the Egyptian consumer. Hence came the realization that for a local brand to be successful mass customization was the way forward, customer insight and involvement were instrumental to success and to the ability to compete, succeed, grow and scale the operation.

This business model has resulted in a very steep learning curve for Mokhtar and the team. “We are able to get on the spot feedback from the clients on the products we would normally sell to retailers and get limited or delayed feedback on”. This ability to interact with the customer and get first hand feedback on consumption preferences of the product, frequency of consumption, preferred complimentary products and finally comments on flavor, size, quality and variety enable the young entrepreneur to improve the Swiss Choice products in their manufacturing phases.

I wondered if these successful mass customization restaurants in Zamalek and Mohandseen have had an impact on Swiss Choice’s business to business sales by virtue of brand associations; given that Mokhtar’s restaurants proudly bear a “Powered by Swiss Choice” emblem.  “It is too soon to say”, says Mokhtar, “logic would claim that the affiliation would enable us to leverage the brand and sell more. Yet the restaurants are localized to one area of the city and have not been in operation long enough for me to draw accurate inferences about their impact on business.”

The largest challenge of shifting from being solely a manufacturer and distributor, to being the retailer at which the customer can consume the product is the risk of failure. “Our competitive advantage as Swiss Choice is our ability to customize our production lines to suit changing customer requirements; this means that should we discontinue a product or start a new one, minor changes have to be made to the production floor.” Mokhtar continued, “In the restaurant business on the other hand, you invest in a location, brand, concept, staff and marketing; then if the restaurant doesn’t take-off as planned in 6 months’ time, you would have to scrap the entire investment and start over”. “There are no quick fixes in a business-to-customer or retail setting” Mokhtar concluded.

Yet, given his own experience, Mokhtar expects that more and more agribusiness manufacturers will focus on integrating forward along their value chains in order to maximize their margins and in order to gain the advantages of customer interaction. “At the end, accurate and detailed customer insight is the real advantage.”

Originally written for Business Today

On Career Moves

I guess what most people fail to see when they shift careers 5 – 7 years into their work life is how difficult starting over truly is. You would be amazed at the amount of knowledge, skills and basic understanding that becomes irrelevant or which must be chucked at the door. Welcome to a new world where you have to rapidly absorb new concepts, approaches, knowledge, skills and work-styles which seem second nature to everyone around you. Many of which are several years your junior. In this environment it is adapt or die. You will soon find yourself being a source of disappointment, frustration, awe and support to yourself and others several times within the same day. Like mad hot flashes of awesomeness or sheer and epic failure. It doesn’t get easier. Not immediately. It takes patience, tolerance and an honest to God willingness to put your ego on hold and embrace the learning experience. Believe me, it is taking a lot of patience, tolerance and hard work from those on the other side of the equation whom are attempting to kick you into gear so you could pull your own weight.

All of the above is even more true for the world of management consulting, where there is very little that is static or dependably constant. Life is a whirlwind of concepts, clients, engagements, strategies, tasks, deliverables, meetings, negotiations and deadlines. Moreover it is all happening in turbo speed. The phrase “multi-tasking” starts to take on new meaning. As does “work-life-balance” if you are not careful. The environment isn’t hostile, but it isn’t fuzzy, nor is it supposed to be.

You were hired, congrats, we recognize the talent. Now please step up and live up to our best expectation of you. Strike that, strive really hard to out-do our best expectation of you. Show up early, read, read some more, ask, listen when people attempt to explain things to you, learn the rules so you can be allowed to break the rules, befriend google, read again, remember to breathe….

Yet when you do take that moment a couple of months down the road to stop, take a long breath and admire the roses, be sure to know that “we are proud of you”. Congratulations, you made it. More often than none, the career move would have been totally worth it. Yet if that isn’t the case, there is no shame in realizing you made the wrong move, just be sure you are not just escaping back to a comfort zone.

Good luck to all of you.

صندوق دعم مصر 306306

Updated! Since Nerro asked. Here is my take on

While I think it is nice that the business community is excited about contributing I have some concerns about the format.

1. As far as I can tell, it is a privately set up fund. I am yet to hear any commentary from the transitional government in that regard (if you’ve heard anything please share it in the comments & I’d be more than happy to update the post). So I am not quite sure how the dynamics will work in terms of spending that money.

2. I am a bit on the paranoid side, I don’t like investing in “elfankoush”. Some transparency is in order. This would have been a much better initiative (in my opinion) if instead of setting up a fund they identified 3 flagship projects. Then each of these projects would have had a definitive objective, OWNER, plan and targeted start up costs. I am modelling this after the success of the 57357 hospital. People felt encouraged to donate because they associated it with a real project with tangible results.

3. While I believe in quick wins, spending this money on consumption rather than investment activities would be such a shame. It would be like flushing the money down the drain, one time usage only. I would really like the spending criteria to be linked to SUSTAINABILITY and RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The people are digging out of their own savings, the least you could do for them is assure them that they are teaching you to fish rather than feeding you that day. Moreover, I am biased towards any endeavor that results in job creation since it drives towards greater sustainability and prosperity through the consumption multiplier.

4. I am all for healthcare & education, but it isn’t the time yet. These need far more sophisticated & well orchestrated reform plans.

5. The ability of the nation to export or attract foreign expenditure is key moving forward. So extra points if the project tackles logistics, tourism or enables us to export.

6. I would suggest projects along the lines of:

  • Renewable energy power generation facility
  • Revamping the railway system
  • A metro system
  • A chain of publicly owned bakeries ensuring good quality affordable bread around the nation
  • Production facilities
  • A Tourism related project

Those are my thoughts ya Nerro. The project suggestions draws on popular support expressed by fellow economists on my FB wall.


Naguib Sawiras echoed these very views during his ONTv interview here:

1984 – 2013

“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”

Random Economic Musings

I am writing this because I bumped into the very talented Tarek at an entrepreneurship forum and he asked for my 2 cents on things. The following lines are not based on any scientific nor quantitative analysis and are instead the musings of a former economist.

  • In the following months the foreign exchange situation will continue to worsen. Banks are currently rationing their disbursement of funds to basic commodities and absolute necessities. It is not unimaginable that soon we will have extremely limited access to imported products. Black markets are likely to emerge. Prices of imported products are expected to rise dramatically. This can currently be observed in the prices of vehicles, furniture and clothing.
  • With regard to expenditure; we had been experiencing an expenditure boom inspired by the sense of uncertainty and the double-digit inflation. Individuals sought to hedge against the rising prices and worsening pound value by spending. This initial boom is now dying out as more and more individuals face uncertainty regarding their income levels and job security.
  • Corporates are feeling the full weight of a cash crunch. Their imported (or locally purchased for that matter) components are more expensive than usual, foreign currency is hard to come by and terms of payments with suppliers (especially abroad) have worsened considerably. Banks should be offering a way out to these companies through financing their working capital and providing them with extended facilities and bridge financing to tide them through these rough times. Yet I am unsure of the risk appetite the banks seem to be displaying these days. It would seem that it is increasingly tougher to find affordable & timely finances.
  • My anxiety comes from the fact that it is the little guys who will be hit worst. Banks would have a lower appetite to finance a cash crunch for a smaller company or a start-up than it would be had the company been a large & established one. Hence those whom are most in need for financing are least likely to get it. Or would get it at disadvantageous rates.
  • As small companies shut down or fail to survive these turbulent times jobs are lost. This increase in unemployment as the job market shrinks is likely to have two opposing impacts. The first (the positive side) is a boom in entrepreneurship  Young men and women will abandon dreams of a stable job at a big name and will instead follow their bliss. Granted a lot of these projects will be in the food & beverage segments and others in trading (commission & delivery based projects), yet eventually more manufacturing based ideas are bound to emerge. The second trend (far less positive) would be the rise of crime and illegal activities as people strain to support their families.
  • Spending on media & advertising will fall as companies become more and more fraudulent with their spending. You must have noticed the rapidly growing number of empty billboards. This spells good news for my social media guru friends though as companies will shift towards more creative forms of advertising.

Tarek, this is off the top of my head. Will keep adding to it throughout the week as ideas pop up, or if people ask specific questions in the comments.

مرسال لحبيبتي


..شَرْطَه مَايْلَه
وهَاكْتُبْ لِيهْ حُرُوفْ إِسْمِكْ؟
مَا هُو انْتِي فْ قَلْبِي سَاكْنَه الْقَلْب
عَارْفَه بْقِصِّتِي وْحَالِي
ومِينْ غِيرِكْ فِي قَلْبِي اكْتُبْ لُه مِرْسَالِي؟
..و…… أَمَّا بَعْد
مَانِيشْ عَارِفْ جَوَابِي دَا جَوَابِي الكَّامْ
مَا عُدتِشْ بَاحْسِب الصّفْحَاتْ
مَا عُدتِشْ بَاحْسِب الاّقْلاَمْ
مَا عُدتِشْ بَاحْسِب اللّي ضَاعْ مِن الأَحْلاَمْ
..كِفَايَه انِّي بَاحِبِّكْ بس
..وقَلْبِكْ لَوْ بِقَلْبِي حسّ

أَوْ شَافْ حَالُه فِي بْعَادِكْ
!لَصَلَّى لْرَبُّه واسْتَغْفَرْ لِذَنْبُه…وْصَامْ
قُولِي لِي ازّايْ أَحِبِّكْ حُبّ يِرْضِيكِي؟
أَنَا تَايِهْ… وِنِفْسِي اوْصَلْ أَرَاضِيكِي
دَا لَوْ كَان الْهَوَا بِالسُّهْد
..انَا سِيدُهْ
ولَوْ قُلْتِي انّ حُبِّكْ صُوم
..أَنَا عِيدُهْ
ولَوْ حُبِّك فِدَاهْ قَلْبِي
أَقَطَّعْ قَلْبِي مِيتْ مَرَّهْ
..وَاقَدِّمْ لِكْ عَنَاقِيدُهْ
!وِبِتْقُولِي بَاحِبِّكْ لِيهْ؟
وهُوَّ الْقَلْب مِتْعَذِّبْ كِدَه بْإِيدُهْ؟
بَاحِبِّكْ… حَتَّى لَوْ بِاب الْقُبُول اتْسَدّ
وهَاتْخَيِّلْ صَدَى صُوتِي بِيَاخُدْ كِلْمِتِي وْيِرْجَعْ مَعَاه الرَّدّ
:ولَوْ قُلْتِي لِي مِيتْ مَرَّهْ
..”أَنَا عُمْرِي مَا حَبِّيتْ حَدّ”
هَازيد الْكِلْمَه مِيتْ مَرَّهْ
دِي نُقْطِةْ مَيَّه مِ الْمَطَرَهْ إِذَا فَاضِتْ
..تِهِدّ السَّدّ
وحَتَّى لَوْ فَارِقْتِينِي
..هَاحِبِّكْ فِي الْفُرَاقْ بَرْضُهْ
هَوَاكِي فْ قَلْبِي لَوْ شُفْتِيهْ
..نَوَافْلُه وْسُنِّتُه وْفَرْضُهْ
وحُبِّكْ أَرْضُه
لَوْ تِنْسِيهْ… هَيِنْسَى ازّايْ حَنِينْ أَرْضُهْ؟
ويَامَا فْ نِفْسِي
يَامَا فْ نِفْسِي
تِيجِي لْقَلْبِي وِتْحِنِّي
..ولاَزِمْ تِعْرَفِي إِنِّي
..لاَ انَا عَفْرِيتْ وَلاَ جِنِّي
..بَاحِبِّكْ… بَسّ إِيدِي اقْصَرْ كِتِيرْ مِنِّي
فَمِشْ هَاْقدَرْ
أَجِيبْ لِكْ مِ الدَّهَبْ كَفَّهْ
وَاجِيبْ لِكْ مِ اليَاقُوتْ كَفَّهْ
ومِشْ هَاْقدَرْ
أِجِيب الْوَالِي فِي الزَّفَّهْ
ومِشْ هَاْقدَرْ
أَجِيبْ لِكْ بِيتْ
يِمُوت الْقَطْر لَوْ لَفّ فْ حِمَاه لَفَّهْ
كِفَايَه انِّي بَاحِبِّكْ مُوتْ
وحُبّ النَّاسْ نَدَامَه وْعَارْ
وحُبِّي عَكْسهُمْ عِفَّهْ
ولَوْ تِرْضِي فَعَنْدِي شْرُوطْ
أَنَا طَبْعاً بَاحِبِّكْ مُوتْ
ولَكِنْ بَرْضُه لِيَّه شْرُوطْ
أَنَا عَايْزِكْ تِكُونِي فِي الْوَرِيدْ دَمُّهْ
وِتِبْقِي فْ عَقْلِي انَا هَمُّهْ
وِتِبْقِي وَرْد جُوَّا الْقَلْب
غِيرِي يْشُوفُه يِتْحَسَّرْ… وَلاَ يْشِمُّهْ
وعايزك تفهميني لو كلامي طلّ من رمشي
وعَايِزْ رِمْشِك الْجَارِحْ
صِرَاطْ يِجْرَحْ فُؤَادْ غِيرِي مَايِرْحَمْشِي
أَعَدِّي فُوقْ صِرَاطْ رِمْشِكْ… وَلاَ اخَافْشِي
وحَتَّى لَوْ وِقِعْت فْ يُومْ مِن الْخَضَّهْ
أَقَعْ فِي عْينِيكِي وَاتْوَضَّا
وَاصَلِّي رَكْعِتِينْ لله
وَابُوسْ نِنّ الْعِينِينْ
لاَ انَا طَمَّاعْ
وَلاَ فْ طَبْعِي الأَنَانِيَّهْ
وانْتِي انَا طَبْعاً
ومَا اسْمَحْشِي لِحَدّ يْكُونْ شِرِيكْ فِيَّهْ
وقَبْل مَا يِخْلَص الْمِرْسَالْ
:بَاعِتْ لِكْ مِنْ عِينَيَّه سُؤَالْ
وهُوَّ الْحُبّ كَانْ عِيبَهْ؟
ولَوْ مَرَّهْ حِلِمْت بْضِحْكِتِكْ فِي النُّومْ
عَلَيَّهْ تِتْحَسَبْ غِيبَهْ؟
وفِي الآَخِرْ
بَاعِتْ لِكْ وَيَّا مِرْسَالِي الْجِدِيدْ أَحْلاَمْ
بَلاَشْ تِرْمِيهَا كَالْعَادَه مِنَ اعْلَى الْبُرْجْ
وِخَايِفْ يِبْقَى مِرْسَالِي نِهَايْتُهْ زَيّ أَجْدَادُهْ
!فِي قَلْب الدُّرْجْ
جَنَايِنْ قَلْبِي رَاحْ تِفْضَلْ ولَوْ طَال الْبِعَادْ فَاتْحَهْ
قُلْتهَا بِالْكَسْرَهْ
!!!نِفْسِي اسْمَعْهَا بِالْفَتْحَهْ

أشرف توفيق من ديوان يحمل نفس الاسم

مزاج جبراني عنيف

أكاد أقسم انها ليست أول مرة أشارككم القصيدة، لكني لا أجدها على المدونة، سو هير جوز نوثينج.

البعض نحبّهم
لكن لا نقترب منهم…….. فهم في البعد أحلى
وهم في البعد أرقى…. وهم في البعد أغلى

والبعض نحبهم
ونسعى كي نقترب منهم
ونتقاسم تفاصيل الحياة معهم
ويؤلمنا الابتعاد عنهم
ويصعب علينا تصوّر الحياة حين تخلو منهم.

والبعض نحبّهم
ونتمنى أن نعيش حكاية جميلة معهم
ونفتعل الصدف لكي نلتقي بهم
ونختلق الأسباب كي نراهم
ونعيش في الخيال أكثر من الواقع معهم

والبعض نحبّهم
لكن بيننا وبين أنفسنا فقط
فنصمت برغم ألم الصمت
فلا نجاهر بحبّهم حتى لهم لأنّ العوائق كثيرة
والعواقب مخيفة ومن الأفضل لنا ولهم أن تبقى
الأبواب بيننا وبينهم مغلقة…

والبعض نحبّهم
فنملأ الأرض بحبهم ونحدث الدنيا عنهم
ونثرثر بهم في كلّ الأوقات
ونحتاج إلى وجودهم…. كالماء.. والهواء
ونختنق في غيابهم أو الابتعاد عنهم

والبعض نحبّهم
لأننا لا نجد سواهم
وحاجتنا إلى الحب تدفعنا نحوهم
فالأيام تمضي
والعمر ينقضي
والزمن لا يقف
ويرعبنا بأن نبقى بلا رفيق

والبعض نحبّهم
لأنّ مثلهم لا يستحق سوى الحب
ولا نملك أمامهم سوى أن نحب
فنتعلّم منهم أشياء جميلة
ونرمّم معهم أشياء كثيرة
ونعيد طلاء الحياة من جديد
ونسعى صادقين كي نمنحهم بعض السعادة

والبعض نحبّهم
لكننا لا نجد صدى لهذا الحب في
فننهار وننكسر
ونتخبّط في حكايات فاشلة
فلا نكرههم
ولا ننساهم
ولا نحب سواهم
ونعود نبكيهم بعد كلّ محاولة فاشلة

..والبعض نحبّهم..
..ويبقى فقط أن يحبّوننا..
..مثلما نحبّهم

جبران خليل جبران

دين أبونا

قصيده رائعه للشاعر جمال بخيت

دين أبونا يا مسلمين 

في يقيني .. أعز دين

 كلمة النور الأمين ..كلمة الحق المبين ..

 حكمة يكتبها الالة فوق جبين الطيبين

دين أبونا يامحمد ..انت سره ومبتداه ..

انت احساسة ومداة … 

دقة عارفينها فقلوبنا لما نخشع للالة

لما نطلب يو م رضاة

لما نركع 

لما نسجد 

لما نفرح بالحياة

 دين ابونا ابراهيم .. رش جمر النار حنين ..

ع الخرايط …والاماكن…

اتولدنا …طوافين … ذاكرين

 دين ابويا لو مسيحي .. رحمة للعالمين ..

نصرة لاجل المظلومين

كلمة الحب اللي بايس الصليب جوا الكنايس ندهة الأجراس لمريم

والأمان للمجدلية

رحمة ليكو ورحمة ليا

المسيح شايل ألمنا لجل يهدينا السلام ..

خد أيمن خد أيسر

العبادة ماهيش كلام

عيش باسم الانسانية وانسي… نية تدفعك للانتقام 

دين أبويا دين الهي

أينما كان اتجاهي

حتي لو كان دين يهودي .. احنا مش ضد اليهود

موسي في القرآن وليد يحضنة نيل الخلود

بين ادية تسعي عصاتة


وجدودنا شهود

سحرا آمنو برب موسي

انقسملو بحر عاتي والجبل عرف السجود

رجعت الحية عصايا

حضنت التوراة وصايا

أوعي تقتل

اوعي تسرق

اوعي تزني

أوعي تقبل بالخضوع

بحر خير الكون يوايتي لما نفردلة القلوع

والجحيم ياكل سنينكم

لو فقير فيكم يجوع

الوصايا هي هي

أرتضيها زي ماهي

في ضميري وفوق شفاهي

دين أبويا دين الهي أينما كان اتجاهي

حتي لو كان مش الهي

المجوسي يترعب من نار ويعبد الالة اللي فخيالة

لية حرامو ولية حلالة

تسمعة فمعبد دعاة

تلهمة رعشة رجاة

للبقر ناس يعبدوة ويدينولو بالولاء

موش غباء

تعرفو في البقرة اية بيقدسوة ؟


دين أبويا

أي دين

فية عصاة أو مخطئين

بس في نهاية المطاف

فية ملايكة ومؤمنين

والرضا للصالحين

والهنا للصابرين

فية ملاذ للعابدين الشاكرين المشتاقين رغم الضياع لليقين

دين ابويا اي دين

اللي انا بقي معرفوش

الوحوش الكروش

اللي لو طالو رقابينا بينهشو مبيرحموش

دين ابوهم اسمو اية

اللي داسو فوق رؤسنا بالبيادة

اللي مشيو بالبلاد للبلادة

اللي فتاويهم فساد للعقل يقضي ع العبادة

اللي مسحو م الايات معني الشهادة

لوثو الدم فعروقنا سدو عين الشمس فوقنا

سرقو ضوؤنا

صادرو نيلنا ودفعونا تمن وضوؤنا

دين أبوهم اسمو اية؟

اللي باعو وطن بحالة

خضرتة وصفرة رمالة

نسوتة وشهوة رجالة بهجتة ودمة وعيالة

خطوتة وسنين نضالة ثورتة ضد احتلالة 

دين ابوهم اسمة اية؟

مين الهة

مين رسولة

فين كتابة

فية ملايكة ولا غابو

فية شياطين ولا تابو لما شافو التابعين شرهم زاد عن جهنم

شر لا يمكن حسابة

دين ابوهم

حتي فرعون اللي صدق

انة من نسل الة

واللي قال انة الالة

كان بيبني الاهراماتت للمات قبل الحياة

كانلة بعث

ويوم حساب

كان لة دولة

حضور ادارة كان منارة ترشد الكون للحضارة

كانلة جيش فارض وجودة كان محارب بين جنودة

ولما يتجاوز حدودة كانلة رب يغرقة وينقذ يهودة

حتي فرعون اللي صدق انة من نسل الالة 

واللي قال انة الالة كانلة كهنة في العلوم

يقرو في كتاب الكواكب يرصدو سير النجوم 

يفتحولو سكك ببان في سراديب الزمان

ويقولو ازاي يدور 



بالمعاني والمباني والرسوم 

كانو كهنة مؤمنين خلو كلمة مصر دين

حاضرة في العهد القديم حاضرة في العهد الجديد

حاضرة في القران حضور

الأيات فيها تدور مفردة عز وجلال معلنة وبين السطور

تخترع ثانية وشهور 

تخترع شعر وبحور حتي فلاحنا الفصيح

شكوتو بتشع نور

اية يا مصر

اية يا رض الطيبين

اللي حكمو في الزمان دا يبقو مين

دين ابوهم اسمة اية؟

حد يعرف فيكو دين كل اتباعة لصوص

او قوادين

في المعاصي مولودين

في الكراسي مأبدين 

في التفاهة معدودين

في السفاهة مفرودين

ع البلاهة مسنودين

للشراهة مجندين

ع القرف متعودين

ع الشرف متمردين

ع الوطن متمردين

بالخيانة موحدين

اللي يعرف دين كدا يقولي اسمة اية؟!


This is not at all a recommendation to buy, quite the contrary, the book is an alarmingly disappointing read. Intrigued to buy by the fact that events unfold in our beloved Cairo only to discover that Somerville has spun the tale to unsuspecting readers such that Cairo is an “exotic” and dangerous primitive place with desert and villages and tribal gangs.

Yet among page after page of cliché and a less than charming attempt at an action packed adventure, were a couple of paragraphs I felt worthy of sharing with you. Kindly don’t interpret this as a book recommendation, I wholeheartedly regret the purchase.

“Cairo was on the surface a city of filth, chaos and ruins. But to those who were able to sink in to, Cairo was Al Kahira – The Triumphant, teeming with people, ebullient, enveloped in the past, kinetic, yielding, collapsing and constantly rebuilding itself out of the debris”.

His description of driving in Cairo hits too close to home not to share, it was the only part of the book where he had me smiling of a whole page :)

Farouk drove his car as if the brakes had not only failed but long ago been ripped from the vehicle and replaced with only a horn. His response to all oncoming obstacles – camels, schoolchildren, bicycles, donkey carts, the infirm hobbling across the road – was to accelerate towards them, honking and cursing, merciless in his impatience. But he would demonstrate monk-like tranquillity behind trucks blocking narrow streets or with leisurely workers smoking and slowly moving split-bamboo cages containing chickens or piles of bricks.

The greatest enemy of all was that many-headed monster the Other Driver, with his murderous incompetence, psychotic competitiveness and profound visual impairment. Such cars were passed with unceasing incantations. In case of extreme provocation there was an escalating scale of response. Driving past and staring like a wrathful Hindu God was the least severe. Throwing both hands heavenward was the next level. The most serious and frequent reprisal was to wind down the window and articulate the anatomy of the offending driver’s mother. It was always the absent mothers who took the punishment. Fin wondered if, on some subtle level, they were actually responsible.

The Economics of Life

My TEDx day-view :)

I am indebted to the organising team for their passion and the attendees at the BA for making my day in my city by the sea unforgettable. Your individual feedback was heart warming and extremely touching.

For those interested in the actual slides, they are downloadable here: The Economics of Life – Inji Amr







Economic Awareness Videos

Ever since I’d seen the Crisis of Credit awareness video & I have been obsessing about & dreaming of doing a series of similar videos in Arabic explaining economic concepts to the non-economists & making the newspaper headlines relevant to the average citizen. I’ve been in the search for a cooperative & collaborative cartoonist for quite some time. At the end an awesome young man, the 14 year old son of a good friend offered to do it. The video below is our very first attempt. This was done much earlier this Summer but it had taken me this long to get around to uploading it as there was a chance it would be day-viewed at the last TEDxAlexandriaU. Hence, I apologise if it comes across as untimely given the current state of the stock market.

I am uploading this pilot for feedback. Ahmed & I would love your feedback on content, ease of understanding, language, audio speed, visuals, animation etc. Basically any kind of feedback you throw our way would be HIGHLY appreciated.


P.S. I would like to commend the awesome work being done by the Qabila team, more so that their work is now starting to take on a socio-economic flavour.

Ahmed Said, your energy & professionalism far exceed most adults I know & it is your effort & dedication that made this possible

Need Your Opinion

For those of you who have been frequenting this peace of cyber space for quite some time now, or those of you whom have read my book:

How would you feel about a book that is a collection of small stories, blog post style, some from here on the blog & some others from an actual notebook? Would such a book be worth buying in your opinion? Favourite short stories from the blog?

Thanks a million.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

You know your job is taking over your brain when the most memorable quote from a murder mystery is one about the economy. Here you go:

The idea that Sweden’s economy is headed for a crash is nonsense. . . .You have to distinguish between two things–the Swedish economy and the Swedish stock market. The Swedish economy is the sum of all the goods and services that are produced in this country every day. There are telephones from Ericsson, cars from Volvo, chickens from Scan, and shipments from Kiruna to Skovde. That’s the Swedish economy, and it’s just as strong or weak today as it was a week ago. . . .The Stock Exchange is something very different. There is no economy and no production of goods and services. There are only fantasies in which people form one hour to the next decide that this or that company is worth so many billions, more or less. It doesn’t have a thing to do with reality or with the Swedish economy. . . .It only means that a bunch of heavy speculators are now moving their shareholdings from Swedish companies to German ones. So it’s the financial gnomes that some tough reporter should identify and expose as traitors. They’re the ones who are systematically and perhaps deliberately damaging the Swedish economy in order to satisfy the profit interests of their clients.”

I’ve been screaming the same about our economy, couldn’t believe when I saw the views in print. Good book overall, quite the entertaining read.