24 Carats

The Arab culture often references the notion of 24 Carats to signify that blessings or rizk (fortune) is fairly divided among all God’s mortals, whereby each person gets his or her 24 Carats. These 24 Carats may be any random mix of health, happiness, money, kids, travel, work, family, talent, brains, recognition, etc… The premise being that nobody has it all… That superb performance across all life’s aspects simultaneously is rare and short-lived.

Yet what if the contents of life were also finite? What if you only had 24 Carats worth of life to live? 24 Carats worth of achievements, heartbreaks, success, disappointment, life, challenge, adversity, etc.. Once you have exhausted those lives, like any good play-station addict would tell you, it more-often-than-none is game over.

Game over = death??

My friend timeline & coffee discussions these days are still buzzing with “Ta7t El Saytara” (under control) discussions. The hit Ramadan series took a deep hard look at the concept of addiction. The closing episode having a wonderful monologue on how we are all addicts. I agree; we are all addicts. In this day and age more so than ever before. The crazy tempo of life has rendered us all junkies. We are all over-competitive self-absorbed divas constantly seeking to out-do each other in a virtual life and at times real life for the hell of it.

We all crave that feeling of achievement/accomplishment, all looking for a high… whatever the driver behind that high may be. Those looking for love want bigger better grander gestures of love and affection. Those looking for careers want better pay, more impressive titles, greater clout and global recognition. Those seeking adventure want bigger adrenaline rushes, higher mountains, wilder rapids, etc…

Yet as you go for that faster, bigger, better…. you need more and more and you seek to acquire it in tighter time-lines. Yet once you have it all, once you have achieved what you believe is your reason for existence… is it game over all over again?

I have seen people move between games to prolong the inevitable game overs. I have seen people… young people… brilliant people… die young and tragic deaths. I have seen stars opt to take their own lives believing the game to be over. I have seen people spend their lifetimes chasing elusive dreams. Do our dreams determine our propensity to life? Does our consumption of life result in a point where there is no more life to live? As a generation… are we living it all before our time?


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