3… 2… Awesome !

Since our measurement of time is quintessentially arbitrary, I have decided to portion time differently, I have abandoned decades in favor of countdowns. Hence whenever your age is a countdown then this marks the start of a new era.

Think how big of a fuss we make over a child’s first birthday (1…lift-off). It marks the start of your learning years, during that time you experiment, acquire tastes, build information reservoirs and learn to fend for yourself.

Then you turn 21 (2.. 1… fireworks), you are old enough to be considered an adult world round. It is your time to venture out into the world and discover yourself. This is the time where you career hop, backpack through Europe, fall repeatedly in and out of love with partners, hobbies, careers, friends, ideologies, choices, commitments at large. Alas, enjoy these years and remind people that “Not all those who wander are lost”.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I am turning 32 (3.. 2…1… ka-boom). I believe this marks a key milestone, I am on the verge of the era of making a mark on the world. At 32 I am at peace with who I am and my self awareness is as good as it will ever get. Now this blog is full of random musings and “things I have learned along the way” type posts. You can check them all out here.

Yet that is not what I will seek out to do today. Instead this is a post for me, a mandate for this new era (till I am 43 that is), I shall seek greater balance at life. I shall continuously strive to be a human being of value, of high moral fiber, of honorable character. I shall invest more time mentoring and investing in start-ups. I shall spend more time coaching subordinates and listening to those who come seeking my help. I will be a better confidant, advice giver, career adviser and tutor.

I shall write more proactively and share knowledge with a wider circle of humanity. I will once again attempt to make economics more accessible to the masses. I will keep travelling and snapping photos and bringing God’s beauty and mankind’s fragility to you. I will keep sharing and high-lighting positive examples whenever I come across them. It is sad how scarce they are becoming, yet we all need to remember that they exist, and we ourselves can become said examples.

I shall seek to be a better daughter, sister, friend, colleague and boss. Yet more significantly, a positive influence, a quality role model, an inspiration, a smile in a crazy day, the voice of reason a-midst madness and strife.

You are all loved dearly and appreciated to no end. You are the music to my early morning drives, the sunsets on otherwise cloudy days, the dazzling smiles in my lens focus and the smell of freshly brewed coffee on this chilly day.

I wish you all great books, rich coffee, supportive partners, fulfilling careers, honest loves, successful projects, healthy kids, fresh music, obedient pups and year round birthday festivities. May all your eras be truly magnificent ones.


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