2016 Bucket List Update

2015 was a year of celebration brimming with engagements and weddings and partying. Yet it was also a year of personal growth. Taking time today to take stock of the key updates since the last posting of my bucket list. Travel the world. Safari in Kenya, dance in the streets of Brazil, snorkel around the... Continue Reading →

5th Floor Debates Series – Volume 1

Do you believe that competition is a prerequisite for progress? That humanity will continue to develop and evolve in the absence of a self-serving mind-set or a perpetual desire to outdo? Can a cooperative greater good themed mindset be the next big thing? Would it be sustainable? How would the change come about? We would... Continue Reading →

24 Carats

The Arab culture often references the notion of 24 Carats to signify that blessings or rizk (fortune) is fairly divided among all God's mortals, whereby each person gets his or her 24 Carats. These 24 Carats may be any random mix of health, happiness, money, kids, travel, work, family, talent, brains, recognition, etc... The premise... Continue Reading →

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