Before I’m Gone

Bassem’s departure has me obsessing about my own mortality, my own life choices and my own legacy.

I find myself circling the drain with regard to the topic of bucket lists, circles of influence, legacies and impact.

So I decided to dust off and update my old bucket list.

The last update of the list can be found here.

Here goes nothing:

  • Travel the world. Safari in Kenya, dance in the streets of Brazil, snorkel around the Australian reef, pray in Palestine and take a photo sitting cross-legged on the floor in the square in front of the Kremlin.
  • Write and publish a book that means a lot to me and which becomes a worldwide (ok, fine! regional or local) best-seller in the field of economics or business. Extra points if it has an awareness and/or local flavour.
  • Jump out of a plane (preferably with a co-conspirator who understands the beauty of that experience).
  • Start my own firm. Indifferent between a boutique management consulting firm and a VC.
  • Write a hit song. Get a friend to sing it. Record it in a proper studio. Get the radio to air it.
  • Study abroad at an Ivy league school (and get the highest GPA of that class).
  • Hold a photography exhibition. Work on my craft to be worthy of hosting one.
  • Speak at an international (economic) forum.
  • Teach university.
  • Become the policy maker.
  • Be the best boss that I can.
  • Be a positive influence.
  • Strive to learn something new every day. Seek to spread that knowledge and coach and teach others every day.
  • Inspire people.
  • Make Egypt a better place.

What is on your bucket lists?!

You will notice that some under-achieved items from the last update have been dropped all-together in favour of different pursuits.


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