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Ever since I’d seen the Crisis of Credit awareness video & I have been obsessing about & dreaming of doing a series of similar videos in Arabic explaining economic concepts to the non-economists & making the newspaper headlines relevant to the average citizen. I’ve been in the search for a cooperative & collaborative cartoonist for quite some time. At the end an awesome young man, the 14 year old son of a good friend offered to do it. The video below is our very first attempt. This was done much earlier this Summer but it had taken me this long to get around to uploading it as there was a chance it would be day-viewed at the last TEDxAlexandriaU. Hence, I apologise if it comes across as untimely given the current state of the stock market.

I am uploading this pilot for feedback. Ahmed & I would love your feedback on content, ease of understanding, language, audio speed, visuals, animation etc. Basically any kind of feedback you throw our way would be HIGHLY appreciated.


P.S. I would like to commend the awesome work being done by the Qabila team, more so that their work is now starting to take on a socio-economic flavour.

Ahmed Said, your energy & professionalism far exceed most adults I know & it is your effort & dedication that made this possible


11 thoughts on “Economic Awareness Videos

  1. it is agood start. But to quick for the beginners. It needs some real examples. It also needs information about why stocks face different cycles. May be it would be useful to add some definitions like the diffrence between stocks and bonds..etc

    • Thank you ya Doctor. Well noted. Will redraft the script & have Ahmed iron out the visuals & will upload the updated version once it is done isA. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. Okay, so i really liked that! Ever since i was young -even though im 17 lol-, i always wanted to get into the stock market but i never really figured out how it works.

    I’d totally encourage you to go ahead and make more videos.

  3. Very good, Inji. This is an excellent start to what I am sure will be a great series of economic awareness clips In Shaa Allah. I am happy with this video as a start, with a particular emphasis on Primary and secondary markets. I am sure the following ones will illustrate general and easy to understand investment terms as the rate of return- expected return- Debt investment tools such as bonds and treasury bills. Type of issuers e.t.c. Cause many people are familiar with just stocks and know in basics what they are, but not bonds.

    In one of your forthcoming clips, I would like you to make something about the Economy as in a Macro level. Simple things like GDP, GNP, inflation. The relation between the interest rates and the economy, keda ya3ni, because a lot of the people I see don’t know what cutting rates entail? And what would that have to do with boosting the economy? Or how the interest rate is used to curb inflation? Later on, maybe another one about Fiscal policies too? .

    I am very proud with these clips and I will keep on coming here to tell you what I honestly think. Keep it up.

    • Thank you ya Mizo. There is one about inflation in the pipe line & my TEDxAlexandriaU talk had covered a basic intro to all economic concepts. Hoping they upload it soon.

  4. It is a very good one ya Injy. If I would have comments; I think you said the word “fundamental analysis” without providing translation.

    I think it would be a better idea to exclude the English language entirely from the presentation of the content.

    But the analogy is very nice. The presentation is easy and nice, and appealing. Good luck


  5. Well well well. as usual , some great job 😀

    As a pilot attempt, it’s good. But in my humble opinion, it needs refinement.
    Here are my comments, you’ll find alot. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the video, I loved it, it just means that I want it to be better.

    1) You need to work on the sound effects, power point effects are not attractive to my taste, I do suggest a background music track as well as using other effects.
    2) How about videos or cartoon clips rather than just still photos and images.
    3) Your Arabic was perfect, but I guess the performance would better be more theatrical.

    ma3lesh ba2a, kal3ada 😀

    • Belya: 🙂 Long time no hear. Great to have your feedback. Hoping to get the great Tarek El Farouki to do the voice over in all future videos. Noted on the animation, common complaint, will probably resort to taking a flash course.

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