The Thing That Irritates Me Above All Others

is when people don’t respect my time. It is one thing for you to have no regard for your own time. Yet to disrespect mine is a very grave offence in my book, to disrespect my time is to disrespect me. It carries the implicit assumption that I have nothing better to do in my life than to wait on you to show up or not show up at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have no delusions about punctuality in Cairo yet if you are going to be late or decide to pull a Houdini at least have the courtesy and the common sense to call or text. I understand that things come up and emergencies happen, yet all I’m asking for is a LITTLE courtesy, some respect. Even more frustrating is when people decide not to show and not to call and offer any sort of explanation, like it’s all good and its all to be expected and normal.

Just the other day a friend calls, I’m out, tells me she has something she really needs to take my opinion on and asks me when I’ll be home. Worried I actually do head home. I call her to tell her I’m home she says that’s perfect, she’s in the area and will be arriving shortly. 4 hours later I’ve still not heard from her. I sms her asking what’s up, no response. Have not heard from her since last Saturday and I know she’s alive and kicking cause common friends spoke to her on Sunday. But really?! Four freaking hours and not even a text apologising for the no-show.


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