Decisions… decisions

Will spare you lengthy self-centred introduction on my view of my ability to make decisions.

Yet for the lovely young people who have such aggressive, provoking, self-righteous input on my decision-making:

1) You are not in a position to pass judgement (period!).

2) You don’t have all the givens. Nor am I in any way obligated to provide people with all the givens weighing into any of my personal decisions which will impact my life and my life alone.

3) Each person is free to prioritize the different aspects of their life in the way you see fit. The fact that you don’t agree with my priorities doesn’t make them wrong.

4) Opting to select between options is normal and rational. Some choices are more difficult than others.

5) Opting to de-prioritise an objective for a short-term duration doesn’t qualify as quitting, at least not by my book. I’m amazed really at the high horse from which people seem to be able to claim otherwise.

6) There are times when people need pep talks, encouragement and to be pushed. There are other times when people are just exhausted and stressed and pulled in a million different directions and they just need a break. Know when to push and when to lend a hand.

7) If you want to help… actually help. Don’t sit there in the comfort of your living room suggesting how the person with the problem can bend over backwards and accomplish the impossible at questionable quality within unrealistic time frames.  Given its their target, don’t you think they would have thought of all the solutions you threw at them? Probably even tried them all.

8) If you are going to apologise… actually apologise… rather than use it as a pretext to make your point again.


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