Announcement & Acknowledgement

For those interested in the book, “To Each Her Own” now has its own tab/page above.

Head there for updates or for book related information.

Meanwhile, feeling grateful, so wanted to share the book acknowledgements with the greater public.

To S. Jan and the young men and women of “Elly Ehtaso”1 a.k.a “shabab elwezara”.

To my best friend, for sticking by me through thick and thin, for seeing the best in me every day, for being real life royalty. I love you loads tsarina.

To my parents: Everything I am, everything I ever will be, I owe in part or in full to you! I love you both dearly. Thanks for the never-ending support.

To my sister Haidi, for being the cutest little thing who has always seen a much larger than life version of me, even at the times when I didn’t; who’s witnessedthe blog, the drafts, the trials and the success.

To Rakha, who once upon a time decided to make me her good deed for the day,whose attitude inspires young writers every day. For the refusal to settle, I thank you!

To my book club, for making sure that despite the madness of life in Cairo we still took time to read and we still took time to write.

To Sandra, for a whole bunch of things, both big and small, but above all else, for her faith.

To everyone who’s read the draft of this novella at different points in time and offered constructive criticism or who egged me to finish it. Your support has catalytically improved my follow through.

Last but not least, to my amazing publisher Sara, for bringing this book to life. I am forever indebted.


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