2010 Take Aways

  • Life is short.
  • Good health is never a given.
  • We are more blessed than we’d ever realize it.
  • Experiences are what you make of them.
  • A stroll in light rain is equally invigorating anywhere on the globe (Alexandria to Xiamen).
  • Human beings are gifts, appreciate them and enjoy them.
  • Don’t defer dreams.
  • Take chances.
  • Live on your own for a while, it’s educational.
  • Share your room with a teenager for a while, it’s equally educational.
  • You’d be surprised at the quality and scale of events you take in stride.
  • Always enjoy what you are learning or don’t bother.
  • A good teacher is a Godsend.
  • Anything is achievable to some degree.
  • Work environment trumps job description any day (I love you guys).
  • Take life at face value.
  • I want to teach university for a living.
  • I enjoy Arabic poetry (who knew?!).
  • Twitter is fun.
  • My friends are amazing, loving and supportive. I’m very blessed to have them.
  • People in Egypt are very excitable when the question is “What constitutes the Middle Class?”
  • I love travelling; yet there is something about coming home to one’s mom that is beyond!
  • It is possible to overdose on shopping and lose all interest in the activity.
  • I abuse “retail therapy”.
  • Having a sister is cooler than you’d imagine.
  • Don’t hold others accountable for your perception/interpretation of their actions.
  • Music makes the world go round.
  • Always carry a good book and a killer playlist because you probably spend at least 2 hours a day waiting.
  • I seem to get a high out of quitting jobs.
  • Experiment! Go swim with dolphins, ski, skate, watch an Arabic musical, attend an obscure band in concert, eat of a street car, try new cuisine, travel somewhere exotic, read outside your comfort zone LIVE A LITTLE EVERYDAY.
  • Finally, God works in mysterious ways. The intricateness and perfection of the series of seemingly random events that lead up to grand finales that totally rock your world is just mind-blowing. It is humbling, belittling and spiritually enlightening.  Pray more and with greater sincerity.

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