They are remodelling the shop at the entrance of the building where we live.  The process has been generally very noisy and quite the inconvenience with workers blocking garage entrance/exit and building stairway and scaffolding everywhere. Not to mention the machine they use to cut marble which sounds like it is fresh out of a dentistry inspired horror movie. My gums ache every time I walk past them.

That aside, they were cutting mirrors a couple of days back, not sure if they were just going to use them to line the walls or as shelves or something, yet they went through quite a lit of them. By the time they were done, the entire pavement in front of our building was covered with tiny fragments of mirror shavings, or mirror powder (not sure what you’d call it). The entire pavement simply shimmered, as if covered in stardust, the tiny shards reflecting light in a gazillion different directions, lighting up the entrance and looking utterly magical. I failed to capture it on film, yet it looks so beautiful I just had to share the mental image.

Beauty truly is everywhere. Sob7an Allah.


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