Following Cairo 360’s rave review, we had decided to take my adorable Mom to Kempinski’s Osmanly restaurant for her birthday dinner. I have to say, they got it right!

From the moment you enter, the first thing that catches your eye is the level of service at Kempinski. The hotel itself may not be as lavish as some of its counterparts in Cairo, yet it more than makes up for it in staff selection. You are greeted with smiles and courtesy and are escorted from the entrance to the door of the restaurant and left in very capable hands.


Upon being seated you are taken through a delightful introduction of the menu and the set of Turkish eating rituals. I loved the artwork of the place, with Darawish everywhere. Moreover, the food was nothing short of divine. The soup, appetizers and bread were out of this world. Hands down, best Lentil soup I have ever had. The appetizers are also very unique with a strong presence of Labna in everything, if you are into dairy, you will have a blast. Main dishes portions are abysmal and the dishes themselves of average quality. Yet by then you are so filled with amazing appetizers you don’t care about the size of the portion.

Another high for me was the music. Where you are seated you can hear the music wafting up from the lobby, there is always a live musician. On my first time there a young violinist was rocking it out. Yet the real treat was the second time I was there, it was midweek and the harpist that day was sensational. She played to an empty lobby, yet played with great passion and precision. I would go gain for her alone. I think my favourite piece was her rendition of Bayny we Baynak. Listen to it an imagine it as an instrumental.

Oh and for those of you who drove there. Leave your car to the valet, give the ticket to the waitress as she rings you up, parking is free if you exceed 300 LE, which you will if there are two of you.



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