Picture Perfect

These days I’m finding myself increasingly attracted to the idea of a semi-professional camera. I don’t believe I have an innate talent for photography. Whatever decent shots I’ve taken, I’ve taken by pure dumb luck and due to the fact that mother nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful at times, that it is impossible to take a bad shot.

When you think of someone, especially someone you know well, the mental image that you get of them, that’s who they are in your eyes. It is the time you feel they are most genuine or most themselves, or perhaps the best possible version of themselves. They are probably moments you’ve captured and retained from real life. From a smile over a cup of coffee who’s odor made someone beam with happiness. Or the image of them smiling a certain way, using a particular hand gesture, saying a particular phrase.

For instance to this day whenever someone says my sister’s name I get a mental image of a younger her on a bike in Montazah. That’s my sister, that’s the her I see. Young, dynamic, happy, shy, shaky, not too confident, yet determined to do it well. With my baby cousin its an image of her on a tennis court, to me her name is synonymous with the sport. My younger cousin’s first words were probably “Come on Dudu! lets go! lets go!”. That’s my cousin for you, athletic, competitive, tough on the outside, silent and constantly in motion. Seeing her yielding that tennis racket, is the finest version of her in my eyes.

These moments happen in real life, sporadically. These people come and go. They grow. They move on or apart. They drop those activities entirely. Yet in your head, that’s always who they’ll be. I can’t help but wish I could always be there, with a camera, to capture that moment on film. To immortalize it for it is often an image of great beauty.

Yesterday a friend played the guitar in my presence. That will forever be the image I have of her, hugging that guitar, flying over the chords, so immersed in what she’s doing, so oblivious to the world. Her eyes light up as she really does create magic. That is the finest version of her in my eyes. Doing what she makes seem so effortless and yet creating something so beautiful. I am grateful for the music. I always am.

What are some of the picture perfect moments you have of friends?


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

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  3. It’s not about the Camera nor about the ppl..it’s about ur eyes and how they see the world. It’s the flawless incredibly faithful look you have upon the people, that’s what makes the whole difference and that is actually what differentiates you most!

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