Bad Romance

A bad romance is as bad and as comparable to a cocaine addiction or to a steel pike through your chest cavity. You are in pain, constantly.

You are bleeding or are craving your dose.

The pain involved with trying to pull out the steel pike or to give up cocaine feels unbearable. Those we ask to walk away from bad or abusive relationships act like we are asking them to take a knife and cut out their own hearts. So caught up in immediate gratification or the need to dull or numb the current pain, they have lost sight of the big picture, of the reality of the matter.

In the long run drugs will kill you. In the long run the hemorrhage and internal bleeding will kill you. In the long run this bad romance will only get worse and you may end up taking your own life.

I understand that it feels good now. I understand that once the doctor has stopped trying to remove the steel pike you feel better because you are used to its presence blocking massive external bleeding, blocking your wound. I also understand that the need for the fix is sooo strong that you are willing to overlook the downside to Cocaine because the withdrawal symptoms are too hard and too harsh.

It is easier to cave in. To seek that preferred spot of comfort. To return to the addiction. To avoid and evade the critical, painful yet absolutely necessary terminal solution.

I want you happy. I couldn’t want anything more for you than to see you happy. I wish you all the best. We all do, as your friends should. You seem to think you are happy now. While we wouldn’t wish sadness on you, we can’t help but worry, live in fear that some day, you’ll overdose and you’ll wake up dead. That someday the internal bleeding will get so bad that it is too late for any doctor intervention.

Please choose the difficult route. Choose to be miserable now but rid of addiction later. Choose to walk away from this relationship. Please.

Whatever you do, just don’t choose to take your own life.


8 thoughts on “Bad Romance

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  2. Yes you are right Inji. But in moments of emotional distress, logic is often defeated by emotions. The root cause of such vulnerabilities is often due to an emotional wound that can usually be traced to childhood experiences.
    It is a hard, nasty battle with one’s inner critic/judge within that must be won as you point out. I pray and wish that your friend gets the strength to triumph over this situation. And when she does she will emerge stronger out of it.
    There is a German Proverb: “That which cannot kill you, will only make you stronger”

  3. One thing that is true and that is nobody is indespensible. It might hurt terribly for a while just like it does when a loved one passes away, but time heals.

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