Earlier this month a very generous invitation by the charming Sherine Elbanhawy took me and Sara to the CAC. Walking around that school on a Monday morning was very reminiscent of days long gone. Looking into classrooms and seeing the diversity of the kids playing in the yard (it is an amazingly equipped school, I use the word yard in the loosest sense), I felt like I was walking the corridors of my youth. It has been over a decade since I bid my own school adieu. The CAC in all its glory reminded me so much of it. The insane level of organisation, the amazing diversity, the multicultural staff and how active the parents are.

Sherine’s invitation elated me on several levels. For one, it was nice to feel like a kid again and spend a workday at a school. For another, it always feels nice to know that random strangers out there have read and liked my humble book. Finally and most significantly, because I loved the context in which we were meeting. Here were a bunch of young mom’s who have decided to have an active interest in the lives of their kids, be very involved in school activities and get to know each other better. I was asked to come and discuss To Each Her Own with the CAC PTO book club.

Sherine had organised it beautifully and I was honoured to meet each and every one of the parents. They had the book playlist playing in the background and treated us to a lovely brunch and some hefty discussion. I am touched at how much they could relate. We spoke about the book, about them, about the publishing experience, about Sara, about my own childhood. The conversation was heart warming and endearing. I was actually sad the two hours were over.

I wish all of them amazing lives. Also, may each of your kids continue to be the stars that they are, may the continue to pursue their dreams and achieve great things on the academic, sporting and artistic levels.  My faith in the coming generations is further cemented knowing that women like these are the ones doing the raising.

CAC-PTO, once again, thank you 🙂


One thought on “CAC – PTO

  1. I believe that in moments of difficulties it is our education during our formative years that helps us re-connect with our sense of what is right or wrong. Schools play an invaluable part in cultivating this. We might get blown away sometimes by unexpectedly powerful and sudden torrents of life. But the good values cultivated in our years in school help us to claw back from such disasters.
    I still sing and repeat those morning prayers I learnt in school. Whether it was the prayer from St. Francis of Assisi or an Indian moral song, each have given me the strength to be as good a human being as I can be.

    Good things learnt in schools are invaluable. And discussions such as these would have indeed been very beneficial for the kids, I am sure!

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