“To Each Her Own” book discussion (via Saray publishing)

Would have loved to tell you about it earlier but it has been a crazy week. My baby cousin has midterms and I’ve been playing tutor. Yet I assure you, this week has been nothing short of sensational.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sara AB, my publisher and friend, and one of the three lovely young ladies behind Saray Publishing for all the awesome work she’s doing. You’ve made being a published author a care-free aspect of my life.

This Sunday, Diwan Zamalek, one of my favorite spots in all of Cairo, was generous enough to host us for a book discussion to celebrate “To Each Her Own” sales in their various branches. Carmen, the charming store manager made us feel extremely welcome.

For those of you who made it, it was a pleasure meeting you all. I am touched you enjoyed the book and took time out of your schedules to come discuss it with me, to share what you liked and what you didn’t quite agree with.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed, would have loved to have you join the discussion and share your views. I’m actually quite pleased with the variety of the questions we had. Even more with the versatility in the parts of the book that people related to or that readers requested that I read out loud.

I was overwhelmed by the attendance and the intensity and left the event on cloud 9. This was followed up by an extremely interesting event on Monday, more on that in a separate post.

Meanwhile, I was telling the attendees at the event, that in books, much like in movies, once you’ve identified that you share someone’s taste, you can trust in their picks and recommendations in the future. Accordingly, if you all loved/liked my book, chances are, you and Sara share a taste in books. Now Sara isn’t done. She’s actually picked out two more books for you. They hit the shelves this Eid. Be on the look out for “Little Pearls” by Sarah Ayman and “El Toota” by Al Sayed AL Badawy.

Once again, I had an amazing time this Sunday. Event photos in the post I’m reblogging.

Also, to stay updated with upcoming events, join the facebook group, Thoraia does an amazing job of keeping you all updated on signings, discussions, press interviews etc.

Have an awesome Eid vacation people. Kol 3am wa 2antom tayeboon.

"To Each Her Own" book discussion Last Sunday, November seventh, Diwan Zamalek hosted a little get together of "To Each Her Own" writer for a hearty book discussion. Fans and readers came and discussed the book with our very own Inji Amr, who was glad and intrigued by the insightful questions she received. Other future writers of Saray Publishing also attended; Sarah Ayman, whose book "Little Pearls" should be out very soon and Al Sayed Al Badawy, whose book "El Toota" will be th … Read More

via Saray publishing


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