Rocking Friends

A round up of what the beacons of awesomeness in this universe have been up to.

Done with my book and on the lookout for a fabulous read?

May I recommend Mai Hamdy’s  كباية شاي . It is a collection of absolutely delightful short stories and it beams with depth and nostalgia. She made me cry quite a bit. Overall a very touching read.

On a different front, our very own Tarek Ashkar has finally inaugrated his clinic. So for all of you with dentist phobias, you can put them all behind you as our man will take excellent care of you. Congrats ya Ashkar. May the clinic be the first in a series of great accomplishments.

For address and contact information, check out his facebook group.

Tired of Cairo traffic? Really? Well if we don’t all collaborate it will keep getting the best of us. Developers have picked up on this and have been coming up with phone and web applications to assist drivers whether the Cairo traffic. Amongst these is our man Samer’s

Check out as it hosts a variety of routes and is phone friendly. It just may be what you need to get the best out of Cairo.

Phone application hungry? M@hdeto has just the thing for you. A hip and coming software company offering phone solutions for iPhone, BB and Android. Big Blue Brains‘ portfolio houses Cinemaat, an application that made it to 1st place in the iPhone app store for highest number of downloads for Egypt. Impressive stuff. Check out the application and stay tuned for what else they may throw your way.

May the awesomeness continue!


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