On Sidky

Does the fact that a series of events happening around you carry a certain theme imply that this is a message to you?  A sign? For if that is the case all the events happening around me imply that we as a generation are living too recklessly and too stressfully at the same time. I feel like one of those doomsday guys, walking the streets telling people that life is short and that the end is near.

A friend of ours died this weekend. A young man. Some would argue too young. A 24-year-old. We weren’t close. He wasn’t “my boy” per say. Yet he was the best friend of one of my boys. Seeing the impact of his loss on his friends has accentuated its impact on me. I would like to think that I can ask you all to take a moment and say a prayer for Sidky. Trusting in the goodness of humanity I guess.

He died in a car crash. Makes you scrutinise the way we drive in Cairo. Sleep deprived, exhausted, high, smoking, drinking, talking, on the phone, texting, flipping through radio channels, selecting songs on our iPods, fiddling with the AC, ogling at passer-byes, yelling at other drivers, cussing, flirting and even speed window shopping. This is how we drive. We drive with the most marginal of concentrations. With the assumption that driving is a skill we’ve acquired ages ago and that it should come second nature. We drive with the assumption that all other drivers while being idiots in our eyes will still drive well enough to not crash into you. I’m starting to understand why my adorable Mom mutters Qura’an under her breath the entire time she is in the car with me.

For all its worth, we lost a life, close friends lost a loved one. Lets all not lose the lesson.

Drive like driving is an activity that requires ALL of your concentration. Drive like your life depended on it… cause you know what… it probably does.


5 thoughts on “On Sidky

  1. Thoughtful post. According to an estimate, more people die on roads than in the battlefields. The situation in India is no different.

  2. Hello Juka :),

    First of all, ISA his soul rest in peace. Mahmoud was a friend to one of my friends too and since then I’m trying not to drive this reckless way again.

    Secondly: You have such an impressive blog :).

    Finally: Looking forward meeting you again soon ISA :).

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