Cairo Time (via Tales of a Fattractive Egyptian Woman)

Watched this movie on my laptop as my car was being serviced last weekend. I was about to write a review, but I honestly couldn’t top hers (see link below). I fully agree with her take on it.

Plot line super flimsy and pace a little dead, yet Cairo sure does look pretty. Also, I have to admit, I’m kinda grateful that their take on Egyptian music was Kalthoum. I was half expecting something as westernised or as cliche as Karl Wolf for instance!

Finally got around to watching Cairo Time, supposedly the first real 'hollywood' movie that takes place in 'real' Cairo (compared to bellydancers in harems accompanied by some good ol' oriental music). Here's the trailer: I absolutely loved that for once, Cairo got to be captured in a Hollywood movie, rather than in barely-watched documentaries. It's always amazing to read a book or watch a mov … Read More

via Tales of a Fattractive Egyptian Woman


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