The Downside

Those who know me personally will tell you that I’m generally quite the grateful individual.

Yet these days, despite all the amazing things going on, some minor things are still irking me. So given that this is my little bit of personal digital space, my venting outlet per say, here it goes.

  • I hate how non-anonymous this piece of cyberspace has become.  Much as I’m grateful for the book, the publicity, the fans and how fabulous everyone’s been and how fab things are. I feel so incredibly restricted…. like I can’t breathe anymore….
  • I have things I need to say to a particular someone, a grievance, and I’m not saying them and it’s bothering me.  Funnily enough there are multiple people in my life who will think this is dedicated to them. To that someone, some food for thought, I will only communicate if we do it the mature and adult way. When you have something to say please do call, otherwise I’m not interested in hearing from you through a multitude of digital media sara7a. The issue seems so simple to me, so obvious, that I’m finding it extremely difficult to entertain an alternative point of view, to imagine where you are coming from. Any allusions to the contrary contain an implicit insult to our respective intelligences.
  • I’ve been asked not to do what I believe is right on an issue on the grounds that not everyone is like me. I’ve never felt more like an alien species in my life. Moreover, I refuse to accept that as a justification to not do what feels right and what deep down I believe is true/just/right. I was told that in the pretext that doing what’s right by me will impact the way I die. Silly me, focusing on doing things that impact the quality of how I live.

Makes mental note to start another blog or a hardcopy diary.

Oh and in case those of you have not heard, if you have read the book and would like to banter about it with me or have a qualm or grievance about the book or its contents, please do join us on October 30th. Details on the FB group.

Makes mental note to have a separate tab for book related issues.


10 thoughts on “The Downside

  1. if not everyone is like you, then how could someone ask you to do what ‘they’ think is right!

    I say follow your instinct, your very first hunch; it’s invaluable.

    To each their own! 🙂

  2. Thank you Inji! I have never related more to any of your posts!Now you know how my blog died ( I pushed it off a cliff!)
    On the bright side, this all goes away, and it doesn’t require a lot of time! I say wait it out and btw, hard copy diaries/journals absolutely ROCK!

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