BBM Broadcast

Hmm, okk, I realise how cliche, sappy and cheesy this is. Yet it totally reflects my current mood.

An aircraft flying through the clouds suddenly loses its balance. A wealthy older man is sitting next to a small boy. Gripped by fear he prayed to God each time the plane hit an air pocket. The boy meanwhile, was sitting there very calmly playing with his toy. Somehow the plane managed to land safely. Out of curiosity the man asked the boy, “How is that when all others older than you were filled with fear and panic you were calm and playing happily?” The tiny boy replied “My dad is the pilot. I KNEW that he will take me down safely.” 🙂

Love is trust indeed people.

A shout out to precious ones and a thank you for their love and their trust.


10 thoughts on “BBM Broadcast

  1. This is only when a trustworthy person takes the wheel and u know what the opposite of love is? not hatred but fear..Complete and perfect love pushes fear away and this is the kind of love our creator provides us with.

  2. Sandra: I had the Lord in mind when posting. Yet to me the opposite of love remains indifference. Fear to me is a by product. May you always feel his love.

    • Indifference is the opposite of care or concern but the opposite of love is fear because when u know that you are perfectly loved by a person you never fear him/her and when you are loved by the creator and controller of the universe then what is there to fear if you are sure he will work for your best using every circumstance for this purpose. When I know you perfectly love me and with perfect I mean being unconditional, I would feel secure having you around but when I don’t, because this is normal as humans are incapable of perfect love, I would doubt you and fear you because you might stab me in the back at any time and talk behind my back at times of rage and anger. That is why fear is the absolute opposite of love because they can not by any means go together.

  3. I think Sandra is right. I think we humans can always strive towards unconditionally loving someone. This might require us to overcome our limitations / fears but if we have sufficient faith in the Almighty and are prepared to change our outlook, we can atleast come close.

  4. Hmm, I love how you articulated the point. Yet I stand by my view, for something to be the opposite of anything, they should both be states that can be experienced. Hence I love someone or I dislove them, usually used as “hate” them. Yet I am claiming that hate is not the end of the spectrum, that to hate you still hold strong feelings for someone/something, yet the true end of the spectrum would be to cease caring all together. Hence to me the opposite of love remains indifference.

    I understand the point you are making and quite agree with it. Yet to me, that is a cause-effect relationship. The lack of unconditional love results in fear. Fear has other causes too and is not restricted to the imperfectness of love, unfortunately fear is sometimes irrational or the result of bad past experience rather than a reflection of the current status quo.

    Just my 2 cents 3omooman.

    For all its worth, may our lives always be governed and blessed with the perfect love that makes them possible.

    • This whole discussion makes me re-think on what my perception of love is. I cannot but agree with Juka too and love the the last bit in her last post 🙂
      The popular notion of love and lovers, atleast in the media, tends to resonate more with physical intimacy as in ‘making love’ for example. On the other hand there is no denying that talking about love on a deeper level resonates more with care, concern and nurturing. Love is such a complex emotion I think that it has many forms and hues and meanings. Lack of fear, trust, lack of indifference, hate, etc each I find illuminate an aspect of love. Each illumination being both complete and non-complete in its definition of love.

  5. i like it so much .. it is so much true .. trust is like a corner stone to any successful relationship .. if a relationship lacks it .. it will never be true

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