Book Signing @ Diwan Alex (via Saray publishing)

Saray Publishing’s roundup on Friday’s Alexandria event!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my greatest appreciation and sincerest gratitude to all those who made the event possible.

Thanks to the Saray family, authors and friends.

Thanks to my extended family for their awesome support and for totally making my day.

Thanks to Mr. Ashraf Othman and the entire Diwan Alexandria team and staff for their lovely hospitality and great organisation.

Special thanks to our very own paparazzi Amy ElShaarawy, Haidi Amr and Thoraia AB! Photos are AMAZING!

It was great meeting everyone who showed up. Friends, friends of friends, new friends, awesome readers.

I really appreciate those who came all the way from Cairo or the North Coast.

Alexandrians rock!!

Shout out to the DSB 😉

Book Signing @ Diwan Alex The book signing of Inji Amr's "To Each Her Own" at Diwan Bookstore next to Bibliotheca Alexandrina was a great success. We were joined by many fans and friends, thank you all for coming 😀 The beautiful Alexandria happens to be Inji's birth city and so she was welcomed with great warmth and  friendliness. Before signing books, Inji read an excerpt of the book. Special thanks goes out to the team of Diwan Alex's bookstore manager "Ashraf Othman" … Read More

via Saray publishing


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