On “Delicate”

I follow the blog of one of my more charming younger friends. Her blog is a reflection of a carefully hidden side of her, one that has been unknowingly and gently seeping into her look, attitude and daily communication.

Having read one of her posts, I had described her writing style as “delicate”. Stunned at the scale of the reaction and how much offence she had taken, I explained that we probably have different definitions of “delicate”.

Consulting a dictionary I understood why she took offence, she had interpreted “delicate” as fragile or easily damaged. I, on the other hand, used the word with a completely different intent. So I promised her a post, on my interpretation of the word, a post that is now long overdue but which I now have the joy of gifting her on her birthday.

“Delicate” is a term I would use to describe the most fine and most intricate, the highest quality, the best texture and construction. It is the term used to refer to the finer lace or design. Delicate is profound and strong yet subtle, like the most scrumptious of flavours. It is a softness that is paired with a richness, it is light to read and easy on the eye, like shades of colour. Delicate is about precision, the extent to which one is calibrated and to which an instrument performs something difficult and accurate.

To me delicate is a reflection of how rich writing is, how flavorful, how strong without being obvious, how detailed oriented it is, how precise, how beautifully it conveys the imagery and carries the idea across with no cliche nor excesses.

Delicate is a fine bohemian vase, rather than a run-of-the-mill glass one. Delicate is about being sensitive, about being exquisite and refined in one’s perception and in one’s feeling. It is about caring about the reader and the other, and their feelings and perception. It is about doing a post or a story justice.

Always remember that the finer thing in life, and in food for that matter are “delicacies”. Please don’t shy away from being delicate. It is just you being the “choice” person that you are, writing the sensational posts that you do.

Happy birthday my delicate one!


4 thoughts on “On “Delicate”

  1. Wow. I am touched, honored and utterly revered 😀 This is the best birthday gift EVER, I really mean it. You just made me so happy, THANK YOU 😀

    And I have to say that now, I bear “delicate” with pride 😀

    You Rock 😀

  2. Sina: I’m glad you finally see “delicate” my way 🙂

    Oojy: Thank you, thank you! *bows*

    Ze2red: It is sooo overdue, I’m amazed ennaha sebret 3allaya da kolloh, this is a conversation dating back to her Channel No.5 perfume post.

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