Another Brick in the Wall

Hmm okk, I’m a little confused, so help me out here.


1 – Ministry of education at an earlier date decided to bring back 6th primary hence creating an empty educational year that’s been migrating over the last couple of years.

2 – This year, this “empty” class should complete highschool and join universities in September.

3 – German highschool degree, taught at 3 schools around the nation, is a 4 year program making them the only legitimate students to be joining university this year (in addition to High School grads who did their SATs over a 4 year period).

4 – Historically, any student was free to join any department at any university consistent with their highschool specialisation. Meaning that graduates of a school in any language could study in any language given they pass an exam or have a minimum qualifying score in that language.

5 – Historically students applied to both private universities and public universities to maximise their chances of getting the majors their hearts desire.

6 – In order to account for the emptiness of the year, ministry has decreed a quota system to distribute students among the faculties and still guarantee that not everybody ends up being a doctor and an engineer this year.

So riddle me this:

  • This year, by some sort of last minute whimsical decision students are only allowed to submit their papers to one university (public or private). So kids had to make the tough choice early despite the fact that this year of all years there is an abundance of seats at both venues.
  • Even more entertaining and more puzzling, 20 DSB (German school with a branch in Alexandria) graduates take a bus to Cairo this Tuesday and get denied their faculties of choice. Each of them being offered the submission of only 3 faculties of preference (since this is an empty year) with no guarantee of getting any of them. Then, the pièce de résistance (studying French these days, so bear with me) they can’t study in any language other than Arabic at any of the Government universities.

لازم تكون لغة الدراسة لغة أصيلة عليكم، يعني ما ينفعش تبقوا مش دارسين بالإنجليزي وتدخلوا تجارة إنجليزي ولا دارسين بالفرنساوي وتدرسوا حقوق فرنساوي، وبما إن مافيش قسم ألماني في الكليات دي فلازم تدرسوا بالعربي. يعني ما ينفعش تكتبوا في الرغبات قسم إنجليزي أو تجارة إنجليزي

Needless to say, the young ladies in question stood there dumbfounded by his logic, unable to react let alone make life altering decisions.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to and it really is a ridiculous and horrible state of affairs. I can’t believe a decision was made to be applied on a single class and to ruin the lives of an elite segment of 60 girls! SERIOUSLY?!

Can somebody somewhere please do something?!


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