Ramadan Blessings

Hey there. Ramadan is just around the corner. Most of us are still on a summer high. It has been a hot hot hot summer.

So every time you get thirsty or go for a class of ice cold beverage, think of those less fortunate and how difficult it is for them all year round.

I am sure all of you have several venues which you’re accustomed at throwing cash at during the holy month.

Yet this year I’m hoping you’d consider us (Rotaract Kasr El Nile) one of them, moreover, please get involved, come to the packing sessions, oversee the tables, bring back a personal touch to your good doing this year.

Projects in which you may pitch in:

1) Iftar Tareek – RAC Kasr El Nile’s signature Ramadan activity which we pioneered 4 years back. 15000 packs will be distributed. Packs will include bread, cheese and juice and will be distributed at key locations in Cairo Mohandiseen to those stuck in traffic or on the road.

We are accepting volunteers and product donations for the above.

2) Ma2idet Ra7man – Our target is to feed 100 individuals daily for the month. The cost of an individual meal is 11 pounds. So to feed one person for the whole month would cost you only 330 pounds.

3) Ramadan Packages.

For volunteering or donations kindly contact the following:

Hesham Abdel Moneim : 010 114 4099
Ahmed Gaber : 012 164 0530
Ahmed Hisham : 010 197 9603
Dina Agamawy : 010 122 1520

May the blessings of Ramadan and it’s heightened spirituality overwhelm you all.

Kol Sanna Wentom Tayebeen!


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