To Each Her Own

Book is almost out, I am bursting at the seams with excitement!

A small preview courtesy of Saray and I 🙂

The back of the cover reads:

This is the memoirs of six young women living in Egypt as told by one of them.

You may pass them by while walking, sit beside them in a restaurant or even share a cab without even knowing.

They embody the Middle-Class young women in Egypt who have purpose in life.

They defy the stereotype of the Egyptian female simply by leading normal lives, having hopes, ambitions, problems, challenges and vibrant careers.

They take pride in who they are and what they do.

The words in this book bring a balance lost in Egyptian media; the voice of the eroding Middle-Class, the dreams of women and their simple, and often complex, needs.

It is a book that neither sensationalizes nor dramatizes. It is simply a book on the intersection of six lives and the importance of friendship among women.

Savor and Enjoy!

Meanwhile, join the facebook group, invite your friends, read the book and pray do drop me a line letting me know what you thought.


13 thoughts on “To Each Her Own

  1. Ze2red: Yes mam! Mine, ALL mine 😀 Starting to think we should have wrote “Juka” as the author name 🙂

    Please do, I would really love some feedback!

  2. ibhog: Thanks! Me neither!

    deppy: Thanks! I would love to hear your feedback once you’ve read it. Will do a follow up post with points of sale.

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  4. finally got a copy, first impression 40 gondi leeeeeehhhhhhhhh.then related to el tahrier square story as when reading it, i was totally stuck in traffic before iftar.

    way to go…

  5. Askandarani: Expensive? Will pass the message on. Do share your feedback when you are done! Curious, did you buy one in Alex? Was it difficult to buy/find?

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