Mohandeseen Ant Hills

Pop quiz:

To what do you attribute the sudden appearance of large mounds of sand on the islands for the majority of the length of Gam3et El Dowal street?

a) Some giant breed of ants (results of mutation due to pollution and radiation) has decided to take up home there.

b) Cairo’s more colourful individuals are planning a sand castle competition in the heart of Cairo.

c) There is some truth to the rumors that they are digging a tunnel in Mohandeseen to facilitate crossing that notorious street for those driving home from the 6 October bridge.

d) The same thing causing the power outages all over Cairo.

e) The collective wishfull thinking of all the Cairo dwellers is resulting in their beach fantisies materializing into ominous sand mounds falling from the sky.

f) Other, please specify……


5 thoughts on “Mohandeseen Ant Hills

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  2. Inso: Nope, none in sight. Yet it would appear from recent developments that they are messing with the greens in the island and traffic disruption is just an added bonus.

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