Shattered Diamond

A shattered diamond is probably the saddest sight on the planet. Picture this: a princess cut diamond, clear as day and as precious as they come. Her God given strength and beauty only enhanced by the friction of life, polishing it into the personification of perfection, pure, transparent, shiny, sharp, hard and genuine. Everything that makes a diamond worth anything. In this case worth perhaps millions and definitely unique enough and gorgeous enough to be coveted and sought after by many.

The hardest material known to man – a perfect diamond – shattered. Broken into a million little pieces. Its fragments each carrying all the attributes that make the whole diamond perfect, but each lying on the floor, being incomplete, being little parts of a larger whole that once was. That my friends is the saddest sight.

I stood there dumbfounded by it, mesmerized by the sight and at a total loss for words. She said she was broken beyond repair. She said that no glue could put her back together. Diamond dust was scattered all over the place, reflecting and refracting light in a hundred different directions. Even at this darkest hour, her inner light shone bright. I couldn’t fathom what could have happened. What can break a diamond? In school they always taught us that the only material strong enough to cut a diamond was another diamond. I wonder if that’s what happened..

In her current state it is a very “handle with care” situation. The diamond shards sharp, cool and dangerous. Their shine will attract many to attempt to collect the pieces and the dust, yet many will depart with bloody fingers. For this is not a time for small wins, this is a time for giving back, to slowly and patiently rebuild and reset. To collect all those little pieces and make them into something beautiful. She may never again be that perfectly cut princess diamond. Yet she will heal enough to become a beautiful ring or pendant, made with carefully inlaid diamond fragments, every bit as precious, every bit as perfect, every bit herself.


6 thoughts on “Shattered Diamond

  1. Wow
    You write so, so beautifully.
    And may those pieces shine brighter than ever.
    Time is said to heal, sooner or later.

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