Indoor Jaws?

Ok, so you’ve probably already heard (read) it on twitter or seen photos on Zenoubia‘s blog, but I can’t help but blog about it, I’m cracking up in my seat.

I am fresh back from a 3 month stint in Dubai, where I was given a detailed and diligent tour of the whole first, biggest, tallest, largest, fastest, bla bla bla extravaganza.

Among the sites is the notorious Dubai mall with the indoor aquarium featuring sharks and what not. They make a killing selling tickets for you to walk through that tunnel or scuba dive with the fishes.

Today, there was a crack in the aquarium walls and water came spurting out the seams, the leak causing authorities to evacuate the mall, lest God forbid, the sharks get loose or something.

Yet for real, can you envision it, an indoor Jaws production. Sounds like some second grade teen horror/action flick. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Hollywood ends up shooting some “Scary Movie” type production in that mall soon.

The Dubai Mall – Where not all the screams are happy ones!


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