I don’t know if this is a general normal thing or if it is just me, but don’t you sometimes counter chances in life, experiences and situations that you feel very grateful for, for you’ve been gifted them, yet you feel you perhaps were not the best possible recipient?  That there are individuals out there whom you know who would have enjoyed them more, they would mean more to them?

Do you ever wish it could have been them?

Do you ever wish you could gift them that moment, that sensation, that experience, that instant in time?

I wish I could.

Takes a photo, uploads it. Makes mental note to find a way to gift them that experience.

Seasonal greetings to you all!


8 thoughts on “Moments

  1. mmm
    Who said it is a zero sum thing? I mean your having this and feeling greatful(as you said) for them doesn’t deprive others of having it.

    There is space for everybody. Being chosen as the recipient is either your fate or gift.

    Enjoy what you are in and nice post 🙂

  2. Amr: I wasn’t saying that it was 🙂 All I’m saying is at that particular moment I wished I could share the experience… gift them the sentiment… that’s all 🙂 May we all constantly get to experience and share amazing moments!

  3. Inso: You are too kind! I think it has to do more with the uniqueness of the moment and the person in question. I was picked up in a wine coloured sport Jeep Wrangler. Our friend, had the top down and drove like a mad man. So there we were sitting in the back seat, practically in the open air as he tore down Sheikh Zayed road. The wind exhilarating. He had the music blaring so loud. We get up for a “woohooo” yell kinda moment, gripping the car real tight. At that moment, adrenaline rush and all, all I could think was “damn this should have been her”! Wrangler being her dream car and all!

    Hope your 2010 is filled with Woohoo kinda moments 😉

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