The Dubai Experience

So I’m all alone in the soul-less city for a stretch. Company figures since I’m here for so long it defies the point to put me up at a hotel, so here I am in a studio, living alone for the first time ever. It has been 10 days now. I’m settled in and know my way around the neighbourhood. My wallet now holds dirhams, a DIFC employee access card and a Nol Card (Monorail subscription).

I know what all of you are hearing on the news about the world coming crashing down here, but as someone on the ground, I totally don’t feel it. Construction is under way in all the mega projects, almost as planned. The city looks like it is in a perpetual state of work-in-progress, with detours everywhere as bridges and monorail stations and tracks are being built and set up all over the city. The architecture in Dubai remains a visual delight, city might have zero personality and no soul, but the buildings are so clean, sharp, original and beautiful really. I wish my sister was here to enjoy it.

Anyways, so here I am, independent for the first time ever; living alone; doing my own dishes, cooking and laundry; taking the monorail to work and back; and basically just looking after myself for a change. Makes me realise extent to which one has been spoilt rotten by living with one’s parents back home. Makes me also realise that this isn’t so bad. I could probably do this for longer… if it wasn’t for that other thing.

I won’t say I’m homesick, lessa badry awy 3al naghama dih, yet there is a lot I do miss about back home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss Cairo, I hate the polluted chaotic city, but I miss HER. I miss my mom, painfully so. I miss spending Eid in Alexandria with family. I miss the morning barbecue and my four year old cousin chatting about anything and everything.  I miss hanging out at different Alexandria venues with the older cousins, despite our parents constantly trying to get us to do stuff with them 🙂

I miss my hyperactive social life. A friend once told me that I breathe the people in my life, those inner circle individuals are that important and that precious to me, they are like oxygen. I guess in a sense that is true. Being here, miles away from where they are, I am missing weddings, birthdays and births. Moreover I am missing their daily existence. A friend pointed out that I have issues with public displays of affection, yet what the hell, I love you guys and gals loads and miss you hysterically! Get yourselves over here, accommodations on me 😉

Dubai is way cool people, outings are phenomenal, only not a solo affair! So whilst I explore the city and make note of all the must sees and dos, I’ll wait for you to show up! Meanwhile, thank God for skype 😉


2 thoughts on “The Dubai Experience

  1. social life is about the only perk in Egypt I guess. glad you’re enjoying yourself in the portentous city, try as best and purify your lungs. the weather in Cairo STILL smells like ashes!

    waiting for more relaxed blogisodes! 🙂

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