Garden City Dialogues

To She Who Shares a Name with an Earthly Heaven

Do you see this little tree growing out of the pavement? The one breaking out of the bricks, cutting its way through the cement and the concrete. See how small it is? See how stunted its growth? See how alone?

Her words paint a perfect picture of the reality, for the entire pavement expanse was clear short of that one solitary tree growing next to the wall of a garden. A small tough tree which had decided to grow, with no regard for the existence of the pavement or the resistance of the bricks.

A tree which will have to constantly fight to grow any bigger. A tree which will spend its whole life breaking through the pavement and pushing bricks out of the way. A tree, that was very much like her, unique, strong, ground-breaking, revolutionary, unquestionably one of a kind and incredibly blessed.

Do you see the garden on the other side of this fence? Do you see the trees growing in there? Do you see how huge they are? How effortless they grow?

This tree, the one leaning outside the fence, that is you. I’m the little tree growing out of the pavement. I’m going to grow, but I’m never going to become that tree on the other side of the fence. I’m never going to grow to that scale. The environment is not conducive to my growth.

I’m not like you. Nor am I like any of the other trees in your garden. Not better nor worse, just coming from a different location, facing different circumstances, making different choices.

I understand her logic. I am taken by the beauty of the analogy. Once again, the depth of her perception and personality have caught me off guard and I was dumbfounded and speechless.

I start to protest, to argue, to point out that she can walk on walls, that the sky is her limit, that she will grow magnificently. Raving on and on…

I fall silent finally.. looking at her standing tall and strong next to that tree that reminded her so much of herself.

I find myself unable and unwilling to believe, a strong and true sentiment, for you see:

To me, you’ll always be that big tree on the inside of the fence. You’ve always been that tree in my eyes.


3 thoughts on “Garden City Dialogues

  1. Sandra: ï hope so too! Cesario: it isn’t mine, ï take zero credit for it; it is all her, the girl in the story, my gifted friend who prefers to remain anonymous.

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