On Stardom

Six month ago, a human being far better and far more accomplished than I, called me up to chew me up. A wake up call was in order and the ensuing conversation was so overwhelming, so flattering and so embarrassing I was dumbstruck and emmed and hawwed the call away. She’d made the effort to call and remind me of how much potential I had and the extent to which it was getting wasted.

Now here, six month later, I’m wishing I had a recording of this speech, I’m wishing I could do the same for a special person in my life right now, one equally in need of a wake up call. Since no such recording exists I will attempt to replicate it from memory, avec a little customization to suit the young star.

So here goes; Juka style:

Do you know how rare it is for both sides of a person’s brain to be working so sensationally well? For someone to be logical, rational and with great business sense whilst being artistic and musical? Do you realize how wide your fabric is? How limitless your abilities? How much it is that you truly can do? Do you?!!

Do you know how often people come to me for feedback or advise? Do you realize how much effort I have to exert to find something encouraging and supportive to tell them? To find the good or the commendable about their effort, logic or output? Yet here you are with what unquestionably is some of the best output I’ve seen in years, an unfathomably amazing skill set, and yet no action whatsoever. Not the slightest bit of follow through.

Do you even realize how good you are? Do you recognize what you are capable of doing? If you don’t make the most of you, it will be a crying shame.

Ah, while we are at this, could friends and blog readers kindly tell the young lady in question that while I do see the best in everyone, I don’t go tossing around that kind of praise. That it takes a lot to impress me and agitate me to the extent that I’d bother publicly blog about it.


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